An SUV Worth Waiting for: The All-Electric 2022 BMW iX

December 2nd, 2020 by


Electric vehicles have been slow to catch on in Colorado and one reason for that has been the perception that

a) EV’s don’t have enough range to get you to the mountains and back, and

b) the choice among SUVs was pretty lacking.

Great engineering has solved both problems!


In early 2022, BMW will introduce its stunning new all-electric Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV – that’s BMW-speak for SUV). The 2022 iX is similar in size to the popular BMW X5 but with what’s expected to be two electric motors generating about 500 horses, and range of 300 miles (using the EPAs test procedure). This powerhouse is expected to take the iX from zero-62 mph in less than five seconds. got a preview of the new 2022 iX, and it’s a real beauty, with its very aggressive front end sporting what’s been called “the angry squirrel grille,” which holds a bunch of important equipment, including a front camera, radar and other sensors that contribute to the vehicle’s safety package. According to C/D, BMW says the iX combines “the functionality of the BMW X5 with the sporting nature of the X6 and the visual impact of the X7.” That’s a pretty heady combination!


BMW specifically engineered the exterior design to minimize drag, which it says has added an extra 40 miles to the iX’s range. Inside, the feeling is “minimalistic,” with 14.9-in curved touchscreen display plus a 12.3-inch digital instrument screen. The standard – and iconic – iDrive controller knob continues to be located between the seats. It will have a head-up display that gives the driver important information on the inside of the windshield. And for audiophiles, according to C/D, the 2022 will have an optional 1615 watt ‘4D’ Bowers & Wilkins audio system with bass that can shake the car.


BMW has carefully plotted out the 2022 iX’s development, wanting to ensure it would be a credit to the marque. It’s been 12 years since BMW launched the “Project I” electrification program. The 2022 iX will be much more of a conventional-looking and performing vehicle than the quirky i3 city car or stylish plug-in hybrid i8. The iX will be competing against other electric SUVs as well as other mid-size conventionally powered internal combustion engine SUVs.


We’re looking forward to the debut of this outstanding entry into electric SUVs: the 2022 BMW iX!

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