Schomp Stories: Bill and Annette Peltzman

May 12th, 2016 by

Schomp BMWYou might have to look hard to find people who are more devoted to BMW as a brand and Schomp BMW as a dealership than Bill and Annette Peltzman. They’ve been owners since 2002, although, “We coveted BMWs since 1975,” when they saw their first one, a black Alpina with tan interior and a wood steering wheel,” on a ferry ride from Seattle to Anacortes.

“We had to wipe our windshield clean after we drooled over it,” Annette Peltzman laughs. “We said, ‘Some day.’” Then after getting their kids through college and getting Bill established in his own engineering consultancy, “Everything lined up.” It was a black-on-black 540i V-8 that they bought with assistance from Dean Wentland. “My neighbor had bought a car from Dean and recommended him,” Annette remembers.

The purchase was a double treat for the Peltzmans since they learned that they could pick up the car in Europe. “Dean organized it…did a wonderful job…and we picked it up in March of 2002 at the factory. What an experience that is! Every BMW buyer should do that at least once,” Bill says. They drove 2,500 miles around Europe (“We got to drive 100 mph!”), and dropped it off in Paris two weeks later. Since Bill had clients he could meet with during their trip, they were able to write off their expenses. It was hard to say goodbye to their beautiful new Bimmer until they could pick it up at Schomp BMW six weeks later. “It was like picking up a new car,” Bill says. “They detailed it just like picking up a new car. It was perfect…seamless.”

Counting that first jet-black 540i, the Peltzmans have owned four BMWs, all bought at Schomp BMW. A year ago they bought a 2011 335 certified pre-owned (CPO) and they traded in a 2010 X5d recently for a new 2016 X5, which they say is “a dream. It has all the safety stuff on it. It’s an amazing vehicle,” Bill says. Annette adds that she “didn’t think the ’16 would do better than the diesel, but it’s even smoother.”

They sold that first BMW to their neighbor’s son. “We let his parents know it was up for sale and we got a call from him the next day: ‘Mrs. Peltzman, I want to buy your car.’ He still gets it serviced here,” she says.

Bill says that was part of the deal. “I sold him the car but…I said, ‘You have to come with me to Schomp and let me introduce you to the technicians that have worked n this car since I owned it.”

In every case, Dean Wentland has been involved in their transactions. Even though he stopped being a sales advisor and moved into management, “he helps us out,” Annette says. It’s that friendliness and continuity – over and above their love for BMWs – that has kept the Peltzmans loyal to Schomp BMW.

As Bill relates, “When you were on Broadway it was a small office and area. When you came in everybody said hello but nobody put the heat on you. When you said you were going to move here (to Highlands Ranch)…I talked to Lisa and said, ‘Y’know, the #1 challenge is to have the same culture here as on Broadway…We had eight years over there, so we know what the culture was like. I didn’t know Lisa personally but I knew if I ever had an issue, I knew where to go…the sales people, service people and technicians are real assets. So when it’s family-owned it’s because it’s a family – at least it seems like.”

The Peltzmans praise the Schomp personnel. Annette enjoys chatting with the people she knows when she brings the X5 in for service. “A lot of times you walk into a dealership and they don’t want to know you unless you want to buy a car.” She says that Bill likes to be able to walk back and talk to the technicians. “A lot of times I’m with him and I’m looking at the engine because I like to know what’s going on, too…I want to know how it goes, where the cameras work and how does this work and that work.”  She says when the sales people didn’t give her the explanation she needed about the car’s underlying functions, the technicians would always be helpful. That made it possible for her to decide exactly what she wanted on their newest BMW. “Chatting with the mechanics on this is very valuable in helping to decide what’s going to work and what isn’t going to work. And the only way you’re going to do that is to have access back there.”

Bill adds, “Your people are always on our side and it’s amazing. I don’t know if they do that with every customer, but they do it with us.”

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