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Tire Storage at Schomp BMW

Easy – Tidy – Convenient

Schomp BMW’s Tire Storage Program helps you keep clutter out of your garage and frees up space in your car’s trunk. It helps your car by ensuring that you have the safest and most durable tires for Colorado’s variable seasonal driving conditions.

We make it easy, convenient and reasonably priced.

  • Schomp BMW sells most all-season, summer, and winter tires for 5 percent over cost.
  • To save space in your home or garage, we also offer seasonal tire storage for a fee.
  • Tires are tagged, logged and stored in our secure facility.
  • Tires are available for pick-up when you want them; 24-hr notice not necessary.

Call us at 877-425-4593 to schedule tire storage.

Why Have Two Sets of Tires for your BMW?

Terms like “All-Weather” or “All-Season” lead drivers to believe that just one set of tires is enough. That may be true in climates without much temperature and seasonal condition variation, but in Colorado two sets of tires are safer, smarter and, in the long run, more economical.

Seasonal Tires are Safer

Having a separate set of tires to for both summer and winter temperatures is much safer. All-weather tires are designed for use on dry, paved surfaces and in the rain. Snow or winter tires are designed with special deep treads that grip much better on snow or ice. They also are manufactured with softer rubber that is formulated expressly to stay soft and grip the road better in snowy or icy conditions and at colder temperatures.

Seasonal Tires Wear Better

When the weather heats up, it’s time to switch to a tire made for warmer temperatures. The winter tires, made of the softer rubber, will wear faster on hot concrete and asphalt streets and roads and require more frequent replacement. You will save money overall with a set of tires for summer driving and another for winter driving.

You change your wardrobe when the weather changes. You should change your tires, too. Even sports activity vehicles (SAVs) and crossover vehicles should have two sets of tires.

Call Schomp BMW at 877-425-4593 to schedule tire storage and to discuss the right choices of summer and winter tires for your BMW.

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