How “BMW Individual” Opens the Automotive World to an Infinity of Choices

March 7th, 2022 by

Why would you want your car to look like all the cars on the road today?  Of course, there’s nothing wrong with standard color choices if you want to blend in. But if your personality shouts green, purple or orange, BMW has you covered.


Introducing BMW Individual, a way you can customize your new BMW with an almost infinite combination of colors, interior finishes, upholsteries and accessories. 

The hard part will be making up your mind among 165 custom exterior paint colors available through the Special Order process, including metallics, non-metallics, classic metallics, pearlized effects and BMW Frozen paints – matte finishes.  

Visit the BMW Individual Visualizer and play around. It’s like having a coloring book for cars! 

With a color in mind you can choose from more than a score of upholstery choices ranging from all cloth to Sensatec to leather or a combination of materials. Then choose from various trims – styles, colors and textures – to complement your individual interior. Oh – and don’t forget about choosing your favorite style of wheels.  

Then all you have to do is anticipate your vehicle’s delivery, which takes 8-12 weeks. 

Using BMW’s unique mix and match approach – BMW Individual,– the chances you will ever see “your” car coming at you down the street are next to nothing. And you’ll never mistake someone else’s car for yours in a parking lot! Your BMW will be the “complete expression of your personality.” 

You can still get black, white, silver and other (very lovely) stock colors, but you could go for something bolder, something that radiates “Me,” inside and out? To get just a tiny taste of the fun you could have with BMW Individual go watch this YouTube video put together by a dealer in the UK. 

Then settle in to have your own fun.

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