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Experience Schomp BMW, your destination for a remarkable selection of new and pre-owned trucks, cars, and SUVs, accompanied by enticing financing and leasing options.

Let our knowledgeable finance specialists assist you on your financing journey, offering expert guidance every step of the way. Embrace the convenience of contacting Schomp’s finance team today, or take immediate action towards your vehicle ownership goals by completing our secure online finance application. Your dream vehicle awaits!

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Car loans and leases may not typically ignite excitement. However, our One Person℠ approach might change that perception while we work to get you into a vehicle that makes sense. Embracing our One Price. One Person. One Hour.® approach, you’ll collaborate with a dedicated client advisor throughout the entire process. Say goodbye to impersonal finance “managers” and high-pressure scenarios. With us, it’s all about your choices and your control.

We Have Many Options For You

At Schomp BMW, we have a wide range of lenders who can tailor a plan specifically to meet your unique expectations and needs. When evaluating your options, take into account the following questions:

How long do you anticipate keeping the vehicle?

What will your approximate annual mileage be?

Do you typically trade automobiles every 3 years?

Is your intention to own this vehicle for over 5 years?

Being in the position to pay cash is wonderful, but consider the fact that a new vehicle depreciates about 40% over the first three years. This might not be the wisest use of capital. With discounted interest rates through BMW Financial Services, the proposition of interest paid versus interest lost dividends is worth noting. All of our lenders will set up automatic payments, so no need for those annoying statements and check writing.

Most people use Financing options to pay for their vehicle. Our lenders will determine how much of a down payment is needed, depending on your credit history, income to support the payment, and the loan. Loans range from 24 – 84 months, with the 60-month option being the most commonly executed. The vast majority of borrowers do not see the loan through to maturity leaving themselves exposed to:

  • Loan payoffs that are greater than the vehicles value (inequity).
  • Fluctuation of market value
  • The possibility of amortizing inequity into the replacement vehicle loan, leading to a higher car payment than necessary.

All the loans available at Schomp BMW are Simple Interest; you only pay interest on the payments you make (just like a home mortgage).

Like driving the latest and greatest? Leasing may be the option for you. Unlike a loan, a lease allows you to only pay for the time and usage that you have the car. When you first lease the vehicle, the manufacturer will set a predetermined future value that includes depreciation and mileage usage - and you only pay for the difference between the future value and the sales price.

The best part is that if you fall in love with the vehicle during your lease period and decide to keep it, you can purchase it for the predetermined value the manufacturer set at the time of the lease. It's the most predictable way to drive a new vehicle.

Introducing ONE PROTECT

Safeguard your vehicle from common issues not covered by your warranty, insurance, or lease agreement. With our ONE PROTECT programs, you can have peace of mind knowing that Schomp will take care of your vehicle - roof to wheels, hood to trunk.

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