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    Our Best Price Promise

    At Schomp BMW we want you to have the perfect Automotive Purchase Experience.
    So we have created what we call the "POWER OF ONE".

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    Schomp BMW

    1190 Plum Valley Lane
    Directions Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

    • BMW Sales: 888-205-2938
    • BMW Service: (303) 797- 8801
    • BMW Parts: 303-797-8805
    One Price:

    We believe in aggressively pricing our inventory at fair market value.  We do the research so you don't have to and by analyzing market data daily we are able to sell our vehicles at a fair price.  Our goal is to save you time and headache from the games dealers play.

    One Person:

    Instead of dealing with multiple people, sometimes as many as 3 or 4, you will only work with one person at Schomp BMW.  At Schomp BMW you deal with one person from the second you walk into the dealership until the moment you leave in your new car.
    One Hour:

    We value your time so our goal is to have every customer out the door within an hour once they have decided on the vehicle they want to purchase and the terms of the transaction.

    Schomp BMW
    One Price. One Person. One Hour.

    Car buying redefined.

    Schomp BMW has been a One Price dealer since 1993 and promises a car-buying experience like they've never experienced.

    No Haggle, Low Up-Front Pricing. At Schomp BMW, we do the research for you! The pricing on all of our
    new BMW and pre-owned vehicles is based on real market data. Through market research, we establish the true value of our vehicles and what similar cars are selling for. We price our cars at the low-end of the pricing spectrum to ensure that we are offering truly competitive pricing. Our goal has always been to have great prices, great service, and to sell as many cars as possible.

    No Dealer Handling Charges or Additional Hidden Fees. Unlike most Dealers, Schomp BMW never charges dealer handling fees. Dealer handling charges and hidden fees are simply additional profit to a dealership and usually add $300-$600 to the price of a vehicle. We are NOT paid on commission. Our Client Advisors are paid on volume and customer satisfaction. We are driven to find the best car for you, not the car that makes the most commission.

    At Schomp BMW, we want you as a customer for life, not just one transaction.