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Serving Denver, Littleton and Centennial Auto financing drivers actually get revved about

Car loans and BMW leases aren't necessarily exciting topics. That is, until they've experienced our "one-person" car loan and leasing program.  As part of our "one-price, one-person, one-hour" program, you'll work with the same client advisor from start to finish. No glass boxes, no finance "managers," no high-pressure situations. Your options, your call.

What are my Options?
Cash - Finance - Lease

Schomp BMW has a multitude of lenders that will allow us to customize a plan that meets all your expectations and needs.

Consider these questions when weighing your options:
  • How long do you anticipate keeping the vehicle?
  • What will your approximate annual mileage be?
  • Do you typically trade automobiles every 3 years?
  • Is your intention to own this vehicle for over 5 years?
  • Do you like to drive vehicles that have the latest technology?
  • Would you like to know what your Cost of Ownership is going to be?
  • Would paying cash deplete your capital significantly?
  • Would you rather not be liable for resale values and bank payoffs?
Paying Cash:

Being in the position to pay cash is wonderful, but consider the fact that on a new vehicle that depreciates about 40% over the first three years it might not be the wisest use of capital. With discounted interest rates through BMW Financial Services, the proposition of interest paid versus lost interest dividends is worth noting. All of our lenders will set up automatic payments, so no need for those annoying statements and check writing.


Most people use Financing uptions to pay for their vehicle.
Our lenders will determine how much of a down payment is needed, depending on your credit history, income to support the payment and the loan to value conforming to guidelines. Loans range from 24 - 84 months, with the 60-month option being the most commonly executed.
The vast majority of borrowers do not see the loan through to maturity leaving themselves exposed to:
  • Loan payoffs that are greater than the vehicles value (inequity).
  • Fluctuation of market value
  • The possibility of amortizing inequity into the replacement vehicle loan, leading to a higher car payment than necessary.
All the loans available at Schomp BMW are Simple Interest; you only pay interest on the payments you make (just like a home mortgage).


The most misunderstood form of paying for what you use. Leasing allows you, the lessee, to only pay for the portion of the car you use.

Our prime lender; BMW Financial Services calculates that a typical BMW that is driven approximately 15,000 miles a year  for three years should be depreciated about 45%. You will only get charged on this amount. The remaining 55% (residual) is your option to buy at lease end but you are not liable for the vehicle being worth it.
For people that want to change vehicles on a pre-determined schedule (lease term), always having FREE factory backed maintenance and warranty with no risk of additional ownership costs . . . leasing should be considered seriously.
Know Your Options
Schomp BMW meticulously screens all of our finance products and services. We are confident that they will offer our customers a most enjoyable ownership experience and will protect our most valuable asset . . . our REPUTATION.
BMW Windshield: 5-Year policy, backed by BMW.
Repair and/or replace windshield to factory specifications. Today's road conditions make this product extremely viable.
BMW Dent Repair: 5-Year policy, backed by BMW.
Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) on vertical body parts up to about 3" in size depending on location. Those annoying "dings" detract from your vehicles appearance and value.
BMW Tire & Wheel: 5-Year policy, backed by BMW.
Repair and/or replace Tire and or Wheel to factory specifications. Today's road conditions make this product extremely viable.

BMW Maintenance: Pre-pay your factory recommended maintenance and save.
Invest in a 2 Year or 50,000 mile plan, either to extend the NEW vehicle 4Year / 50,000 plan or add to one of our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. Let our factory-trained professionals take care of this necessity.

Enviroguard: 3 - 7 Year policy (customized to your needs)
One-time application to your BMWs interior and exterior, protecting against environmental hazards and those everyday spills. Guaranteed to keep your vehicle looking like new.

Schomp Window Tint:
Our in-house installation will guarantee this product looks great for the time you own the vehicle. UV rays will be 95% blocked, and your interior will be significantly cooler.

Schomp Clear Mask: Our in-house installation will guarantee this product looks great for the time you own the vehicle. Protect your vehicle's front-end. The appearance and value will be protected.

Vehicle Service Contracts: Invest in one of the industry's most reputable mechanical breakdown policies. Modern vehicles are extremely complex and reliant on high-tech equipment. This is option to self insurance, and covers 100% of parts and labor. "Shift the Risk" and you can rely on skilled factory-trained technicians installing factory parts.
GAP: This product ensures against any deficiency that may occur in the event of a total loss on your vehicle. This deficiency would be the assessed-value determined by your insurance company and what is owed to the lender. Auto loans with more than 20% equity down may not require this product.

Safe Lease: Insurance against potential lease-end excess wear-and-tear fees. Don't get billed for charges on a vehicle that you no longer have the use of.

Key Replacement: Repairs or replace lost or damaged keys. Today's keys are expensive and may require programming.

Identitheft: Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the USA. This product guarantees to return you and your family to pre-event status. This fully managed service is partnered with the Transunion.

Lease V Finance: Leasing through BMW Financial Services allows you to only pay for the portion of the vehicle that you use and have no responsibility for the value of the vehicle at lease-end. Strong residuals and low interest rates mean that your dream vehicle is probably more affordable than you might think. Mileage allowances can be tailored to meet your expected usage. You need never worry about market values again, and you'll always be in a position to stay current with the latest designs and technology.

Schomp BMW is the #1 volume BMW Dealer
 in the state. An integral part of our business plan is to bring you the absolute best financing plans available anywhere. Our New and Certified Pre-Owned plans are supported by BMW Financial Services. Their finance and lease programs are designed to control your Cost of Ownership and fit your lifestyle. Our customer base is diverse, and our portfolio of lenders has programs to fit most situations. We strive to offer a complete "one stop" experience, where all needs are met and we have the pportunity to guarantee your overall experience with your vehicle and how you rate Schomp.
If you wish to expedite the loan process please visit our on-line application