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    Meet the Schomp BMW Staff

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    • Brian Briscoe
      General Manager

    • Sales Department

    • Jeff Edgell
      General Sales Manager
      303 730-1300

      I have been with the Schomp Automotive family since 1993 andhave had the pleasure of working with the BMW brand since 1997. I have served as a client advisor and as a sales manager for the past 10 years and have grown into a true BMW enthusiast having had the opportunity to work with such a remarkable brand over an extended period of time. I enjoy helping our clients discover the brand and joy of driving while doing business in a simple and upfront manner.

      When out of the office I enjoy spending time with my wife Jennifer and in town family. I enjoy playing tennis and hockey and watching the Colorado Rockies during the summer. I have been a resident of Colorado for the past 22 years.

      My professional goal is to provide every person I work withan excellent experience at Schomp BMW. We value the timeof our clients and consider thema part of the Schompfamily. Our One Price, One Person, One Hour philosophy means we will respect your budget, your dignity and your time every day.

    • Rich Battista
      General Sales Manager

      Thank you for visiting the Rocky Mountain regions #1 BMW Dealership in Sales, Service and Parts. Schomp BMW's state of the art facility was designed to make your car buying experience bar none. I hope that your experience with us was top of the line, as we strive to go above and beyond to meet your expectations.

      I spent 14 years of my career in the beverage industry working for Coca-Cola and Coors Brewing Company. All this time, I had a brewing passion for cars that always lurked in the back of my mind. I have owned almost as many cars as my age! I decided to join Schomp BMW not only to follow this passion, but because of the quality product that they represent, the family atmosphere and the pure integrity of the organization.

      I grew up in Littleton and have spent the better part of the last 25 years in the Denver metro area. I very much enjoy all of the things that Colorado has to offer. My wife and I live in Highlands Ranch and have three beautiful children. In our free time, we enjoy the outdoors, volunteering with children's sports and coaching my daughters basketball team, working out and listening to music.

      Please understand that it is my personal goal and top priority to provide you with the utmost customer service for the long haul. Thank you again for your time and please let me know how I may further assist you, not only in your current automobile purchase, but for future purchases down the road.

    • Tod Courtney
      BMW Sales Manager

      I proudly joined the Schomp BMW family as a Client Advisor in May 2010 after over 20 years of BMW ownership, including a 1986 325e, 1995 325i Convertible, 1998 M3 Sedan, 2006 X5 3.0, 2007 335i Sedan and 2011 328xi Sedan. My previous experience includes two years as a salesperson for independent elevator maintenance and a construction company and 10 years as a customer service, operations and logistics manager for Target Stores.

      I am a Colorado native; I attended Colorado State University and earned my degree from the Metropolitan State College of Denver. Living with my wife of 19 years, Paula and teenage daughter Jordan in our home in Castle Rock. I am a sports enthusiast who enjoys basketball, golf, tennis, motor sports and am a passionate fan of the Broncos, Nuggets and CSU Rams.

      My goals are to assist you in finding the vehicle best suited to you and make your experience surpass your expectations. Our "one-price" philosophy eliminates the hassle and time consuming process of negotiation, giving you our best price up front and allowing me to focus on your satisfaction.

      Please let me know how I can be of further assistance, I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Robb Ashby
      BMW Sales Manager

      With nearly twenty years of experience in the marketing and sales arena, Robb Ashby is recognized as a visionary businessman who firmly believes that "nothing is beyond your reach."

      Professional History: I have been contracted to develop business and sales with Fortune 500 construction company Peter Kiewit and Sons, The Riviera Casino and Infinity Broadcasting/Mix 100 FM Radio. Because of BMW's superior product, combined with Lisa Schomp's successful business model, I welcomed the opportunity to join their team as a Client Advisor nearly four years ago.

      Personal History: I am deeply involved in public service, as well as community organizations. I serve in a variety of leadership roles and a myriad of boards and committees which are a testament to my drive and passion for effecting positive change. Among the organizations I am associated with are the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, St. Jude's Children's Medical Research, Colorado Police Protection Agency and NORAD. I've happily found the vast, influential relationships built over the years further strengthened a solid reputation among my friends, family and colleagues.

      I graduated from University of Tennessee, with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising. I currently reside in Highlands Ranch, Colorado where I enjoy contributing my free time to numerous events that support the arts, such as benefit concerts, gallery showings, and various fundraisers. In my spare time, I enjoy biking, running, working out, travel and live music.

      Contact: It is important that all of my clients have an open line of communication with me. Please feel free to contact me at work or home and I will make it a priority to assure total satisfaction with your investment. My goal is to develop a lifetime relationship with each and every client.

    • Dean Wentland
      BMW Portfolio Manager
      303 730-1300

      My experience with Schomp BMW began in 1999 when my wife, Joann, and I had the unforgettable experience of taking European delivery of our first BMW. Although I was an auto enthusiast from a very young age, I never thought I would work in the car business. The positive and professional experience with Schomp BMW compelled me to seek and obtain a sales position here. I was a client advisor from 2000 to 2006 and became a sales manager in 2007. Over these many years I have had the pleasure to work with a team of the very best in the business to see continued positive growth and thousands of happy clients. Our BMW product line has grown to include some of the best vehicles in most segments of the luxury market.

      Outside of work, my interests are focused on my beautiful wife and two terrific kids, Bella and Jack. Together we enjoy skiing, biking, hiking, swimming, cooking, reading, travel, and our cat, Alex and dog, Frankie.

    • Denis White
      BMW Sales Manager
      303 730-1300 ext 1938

      I have been in the automotive industry for over 11 years and have spent time as a Sales Consultant, Internet Manager and Finance Manager. After years with other automotive groups, I am proud to be part of the Schomp organization. I am a car enthusiast and feel that BMW builds the highest quality product available. The best part of my job is meeting new people every day and helping them find their perfect vehicle.

      I spend most my time off with my 6 year old son, Cole. I also enjoy skiing, mountain biking and weightlifting. I have been a resident of Colorado for over 14 years and feel it is the most ideal place to live and work.

      My goal at Schomp BMW is to make the purchase of your new or pre-owed vehicle an easy and hassle free experience. I feel our "best-price" philosophy is the most efficient and pleasant way to conduct business. You will never experience time consuming and unpleasant negotiating as I understand your time is very valuable.

    • Mirza Tvrtkovic
      BMW Sales Manager

    • Larry Stanley
      General Sales Manager

    • Chad Kempfer
      BMW Fleet Manager

      Chad was born in Chicago and grew up in Colorado. He spent the last 16 years in retail, management and outside B2B sales, 7 of which are in the automotive industry. He is happily married with too many kids and more on the way.

    • Justin Albrecht
      Client Advisor
      303 730-1300

      Personal History: I was born here in Colorado and I love everything that it has to offer. Being a native has made me a considerable outdoorsman. I enjoy hiking, fishing, camping, and water sports in the summer months. While winter brings the enjoyment of snowboarding, snowmobiling and the soothing appeal ofhot sulfur springs. I pride myself with helping members of the community who are in need. I enjoy helpingserve the community by working at local shelters andattending events like Race for the Cure. It is a noble cause that I have supported for many years. I enjoy spending my personal time with friends, family, and my fiance...

    • Bernadette Brown
      Guest Relations Manager
      303.730.1300 ext 1829

      I was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. I attended NMSU and received a Bachelor of Business Administration - Human Resources/ Management. I am a member of the Delta Zeta Sorority, of which I held several positions. The most recent, advising collegiate members at The University of Denver.

      I have been married to my college sweetheart for 30 years and together we have 3 beautiful children as well as a grandson and granddaughter.

      As the Guest Relations Manager at Schomp BMW, my daily duties require me to think on my feet and be prepared to ensure each guest that I encounter feels valued. Through out my professional career, I have worked for several large corporations (IBM, Banana Republic, Toyota). I must say that working for Schomp BMW, I became quickly aware that Lisa Schomp has built a company of great integrity. The entire staff at Schomp truly cares about satisfying and retaining their clientele. We are honored to earn your business!

    • Julia Cebatah
      Update Coordinator
      303-730-1300 Ext. 1828

    • Kyle Darcy
      Internet Client Advisor
      303.730.1300 ext 1945

      Thank you so much for visiting with me today at Schomp BMW. I hope I was able to answer all of your questions. Please let me know how I can further assist you.

      About a year ago, I entered the Automotive Sales Industry. Prior to that, I
      worked as an Apartment Sales Manager and also spent time as the Store
      Manager at a sunglass boutique. In my experience, Schomp BMW is the most professional, family-oriented and successfully-run company I have

      I was born and raised right on the soft sand beaches of Lake Michigan. I
      moved to Colorado almost four years ago, which has been one of the best
      decisions that I have made in my life. Although I miss the Michigan water activities and beaches, I do not miss the mosquitoes and the long, cold winters. I recently became engaged to a wonderful woman that I met here in Colorado. We live n Castle Rock, where we raise our four-year-old son.

      My goal at Schomp is to make the purchase of your new vehicle an enjoyable one. I am here to assist you in all aspects of your search for the ultimate driving machine - before AND after your decision. I feel that the Schomp Best Price Philosophy is the absolute best approach to Automotive Sales, and it assures you that I can focus on finding the vehicle that best fits your needs. I am a salaried employee that is not paid commission; therefore I am simply here to have your best interests in mind. I will always listen first, to find out what is important to you.

      I look forward to creating a lasting relationship with each of my clients.
      Allow me to make this the best car-buying experience that you have ever
      had. Thank you for coming in and giving me the opportunity to assist you.

    • Jesse Esquibel
      Client Advisor

      Jesse would like to take a moment to introduce himself in a way that most sales advisors either won't or cannot. His name is Jesse Esquibel and below you will find reasons to put your trust in him for your automotive needs...

      Jesse's Hours -He is here every day except Thursday and Sunday. Please feel free to contact him directly to schedule an appointment.

    • Rick Garcia
      Client Advisor

      I retained a list of my long-term and favorite customers from Soundtrack/Ultimate Electronics and I wanted to let you know I've landed at Schomp BMW not far from Park Meadows Mall.

      Schomp is not your typical dealership so it's a great fit for me and my personality. If you're ever in the market for a new or pre-owned car please keep me in mind. I promise to give the same level of customer service that you've had with me in the past.

      If you happen to be in the Highlands Ranch area, please stop in! I'll have a cold bottle of water or coffee waiting for you and I'd love to give you a tour of the BMW facility.

    • Laurel Hanlon
      Delivery Specialist

      My passion for BMW started years ago when I had the opportunity to drive a family member's 2006 BMW Z4, then a 2001 135i. That was enough to convince me to go and purchase my own BMW. I bought my very own 2013 White 320xi. Little did I know this would lead me to employment at a car dealership I have a lot of respect for and shortly trading in my 320xi for a slightly faster 335xi.... Not only does this allow me to enthuse about my favorite brand of car, buy also allowing me to further my knowledge of the vehicles and teach people about their own!

      When I am not at Schomp, you can usually find me surfing the internet for any nugget of new technology for all sorts of cars or watching a GT3/24 hour race. My favorite track has to either be the famous Nurburgring or even Monico. If someone offered me a chance to race in a touring car for novices, I would sign up without a second thought. Classic luxury cars also hold a valuable place in my heart. I would drive around a 1925 Rolls Royce Phantom or a BMW 2002. Anything exotic or European made is my favorite. I remember my first favorite super car was a 2006 Pagani Zonda. It was so unique and powerful, it wasn't like any car I had ever seen. I strive to have my own exotic beauty someday, buy who knows what it will be when I can afford one? Koenzigg? Maybe an Aston Martin? It has been so exciting seeing the technology of cars change while seeing what the future will hold.

      It has been such a pleasure to help clients learn the features of their new cars. If you ever have any questions or just want to enthuse about being a gear head, come find me! As always, don't be afraid to push the buttons in your car, what could possibly go wrong?

    • Ryan Hannon
      Delivery Specialist

      My love for BMW started with my very first car, a 1994 325i with nearly 170k miles. The BMW proved to be very fun to drive as well as very reliable, considering thats when I learned to drive stick shift. Needless to say, I have been an enthusiast ever since...

      Even when I am off the clock at Schomp BMW, I am very active in the auto industry. I attend many of the vehicle auctions here in Denver buying, selling, trading and wholesaling (typically BMW's, Audis and VW's). My passion for European cars will likely never subside, but my loyalty to the BMW brand is unquestionable.

      I am a native here, and when I am not spending my time in the automobile world I am spending it with friends and family. Nothing is more important to me than the good company you keep and I am fortunate to have found much of that here in Colorado. Frequent trips to the beautiful Rocky Mountains are also a must, as any local would know.

      Most importantly, my position here at Schomp BMW is to assure all of our clients are well educated on the many functions and luxuries these incredible cars offer. With technology always rapidly advancing, it is my job to keep you up to speed. I am always here to help and please, do not hesitate to call and ask about the "strange button on the dash"

    • Jeff Hanson
      Client Advisor
      303 730-1300

      PROFESSIONAL HISTORY: I have been a client advisor with Schomp BMW for over 9 years. I am a self educated BMW enthusiast. I Love learning about all the new technology and driving the ultimate driving machine that is BMW. Through extensive BMW training and lot of hands on experience. I have excelled in my education to know the BMW line up top to bottom. I have the ability to assist you with all your BMW needs.Over the years I have a lots of satisfied BMW clients since my start in July of 2002.

      PERSONAL HISTORY: I'm a Colorado native who has moved around the USA but always found my way back to Colorado. I have Three great children and I love raising them in Colorado. I am the proud owner of several BMW's myself. I currently own a 2002 BMW X-5 and a 1996 BMW Z-3 I also have owned a 2004 330xi and a 2008 Z-4 in the past. My experience and enthusiasm for the ultimate driving Machine has made it extremely enjoyable to spend my time assisting Clients like you for over 9 years.

      PROFESSIONAL GOALS: My goal at Schomp BMW is to make the purchase of your new BMW an enjoyable one. I'm here to assist you in all aspects of your search for the ultimate driving machine before and after the sale. I feel the Schomp BMW "one price" philosophy is the best approach to selling ,and assures that I can focus on finding the vehicle that best fits your needs. I am a salaried employee whom has your best interests in mind. I will first listen before responding to the things most important to you.

    • Jackie Harmon
      303.730.1300 ext 1800

    • Salvador Hernandez, Jr.
      Sales Client Advisor

      Sal is originally from Denver. He enjoys music, which is also his hidden talent. He drives a Rolls Royce Phantom (just kidding, but he would like to!) and loves the Denver Broncos. His favorite thing about himself is that he is always positive and tries to spread that to everyone around him.

    • Mo Kayeni
      Internet Client Advisor

      Thank you so much for visiting with us today at Schomp BMW. I hope I was able to answer all your questions about the car you looked at with me today. Please let me know how I may best assist you.

      Professional History : I have been a client advisor with Schomp BMW or 6 months. I am a self educated BMW enthusiast. I love learning about all the new technology and driving the ultimate driving machine that is BMW. Through extensive BMW training and lot of hands on experience, I have excelled in my education to know the BMW lineup top to bottom. I have the ability to assist you with all your BMW needs. I was a general manager at Lotus Concepts for 2 years, and before that I was a mortgage professional for 5 years.

      Personal History : I'm a Colorado native who has traveled all over Europe, the Middle East and America. I have two incredible boys Jaden and Mason that keep me young. I speak two languages fluently and enjoy life to the fullest.

      Professional Goals : My goal at Schomp BMW is to make the purchase of your new BMW an enjoyable one. I'm here to assist you in all aspects of your search for the ultimate driving machine before and after the sale. I feel the Schomp BMW "One Price" philosophy is the best approach to selling cars, it assures you that I can focus on finding the vehicle that best fits your needs. I am a salaried employee who has your best interests in mind. I will always listen first to find out what is important to you.

    • Julie MacDonnell
      BMW Sales Administration

    • Dave McKune
      Internet Client Advisor
      (267) 324-3636

      I am originally from Frederick, Maryland. I graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a B.A. in History. My wife and I lived in Philadelphia for three years and were married there in 2010. One year ago we decided to spend the year traveling the country in our car. One of our goals was to find a new home for ourselves that would offer us a better quality of life that what we enjoyed on the east coast. We visited a lot of places and when we arrived in Denver we knew this was the place. Two weeks later we moved to the Washington Park West neighborhood and found it a refreshing change from the frantic pace of the east coast cities. I consider myself an active persona and when I am not in the office I enjoy hiking, biking, skiing and riding motorcycles. I have been in sales since I graduated college about ten years ago. The majority of that time I have been fortunate enough to be with BMW. For me it is the perfect fit because I have enjoyed cars since I was a small kid. To have a job where I can share my excitement about the cars is a dream come true.

      When my wife Krisi and I landed in Denver, I began to look up employment opportunities. Schomp BMW was listed as one of the most ethical businesses to work for in the Denver area. I decided to check it out for myself because the ethics of the companies I worked for in the past were not up to my standards. After interviewing and learning about Schomp and its history., I realized that the good things people have been saying about Schomp BMW are true. The "One Price, One Person, One Hour" philosophy is the most refreshing business model and I am proud to be a part of it.

    • Jim Merrill
      Client Advisor
      303 730-1300

      Thank you for visiting Schomp BMW. I hope that I was able to answer your questions and help guide you in your automobile purchase.

      After growing up in Florida, my wife Lynn and I moved to the Denver metro area in the Spring of 2000 from Clearwater. Feeling as though this was the right place for us, we started our family here and now have two girls, ages 8 and 4. I enjoy the beautiful weather, the changing seasons, and the sense of community that we have found here. I enjoy mountain biking in the summer and skiing in the winter. But most of all, I enjoy playing with my girls.

      My professional experience includes over 15 years in the construction industry managing large multi-million dollar projects down to small residential remodels. The experience gained through close and personal interaction with a wide range of customers has allowed me to develop a sales approach that is both low-pressure and consultative in style. My goal is to help you find the absolute best vehicle for your needs and your financial situation.

      Our goal at Schomp BMW is to make the purchase process as rewarding and hassle free as possible. I hope that your experience with us has exceeded your expectations.

    • Brian Neal
      Client Advisor
      303 730-1300

      PERSONAL HISTORY: Born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO, I obtained a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and a Minor in Finance from the University of Wyoming. My primary personal interests are books, movies, sports and traveling...

    • Marty Norman
      Client Advisor

      Once upon a time in Ventura, California, Marty Norman was born. He now lives in lovely Colorado, and enjoys hobbies such as motorcycles, baseball (The St. Louis Cardinals, specifically), and dogs. He has two favorite cars: the BMW M5..... and the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile. If he could be any animal he would choose to be a seal - because then he could swim, surf, and play in the sun all day.... also he loves fish. He dreams of the well-being and success of his two daughters. And mocha chip ice cream in Heaven!

    • Vance Sterling Pitzer, Jr.
      Corporate Account Manager
      (303) 703-1300

      With nearly thirty years of experience in sales and sales management , I welcomed the opportunity to join Schomp BMW as a Corporate Account Manager. I am enthusiastic about the quality of our brand and the integrity of our dealership - they are unique to our industry and I am proud to represent both.

      Professional History : I successfully worked in mortgage banking in sales and sales management for over twenty five years prior to my involvement in the automotive industry. During that time I also worked professionally as a stand-up comic performing at conventions, trade shows and clubs throughout the country. I enjoy public speaking and jump back on the stage from time to time at a local comedy club to discuss various topics of the day.

      Personal History : A native Virginian I graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance with minors in English and History. In my spare time I enjoy playing golf, fishing, running, shooting sporting clays, reading and spending time with my dogs, Buddy and Ellie. I am also an avid sports fan and especially enjoy college and pro football. I currently reside in Lone Tree and am very proud to call Colorado my home.

      My professional goal is to provide my clients and customers with a top notch, unforgettable, "white glove" experience at Schomp BMW.

    • Billy Roskosh
      Int. Client Advisor
      719 235-8588

      Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by Schomp BMW. I know you have many options in your car-buying endeavor, and I sincerely hope that we can earn your business and satisfy your automotive needs. It is my mission to ensure that all of your questions have been answered, so please do not hesitate to contact me for any more information.

      I was born in Albuquerque, NM and spent the last 14 years living in Colorado Springs, where I raised my two sons. This year I was offered a position at Schomp BMW, and I immediately picked up and moved to peaceful Highlands Ranch. My time in the Automobile Industry began with BMW, and I am proud to once again be working with the Ultimate Driving Machine! Throughout my career I have been allowed the opportunity to spend time working for each of the competing luxury car brands. As your Client Advisor, this background provides me with a unique advantage in my abilities to assist you in finding your perfect vehicle. Being a parent, I fully understand and appreciate the need for safety - and at BMW safety is not an added option, it is an obligation! This, combined with our One
      Price, One Person way of taking care of the customer, puts me in "Car-Man Heaven" working at Schomp BMW. I very much look forward to being your Client Advisor.

    • Tomas del Bano Rollin
      Sales Client Advisor

      Tomas moved to The United States from Barcelona, Spain in September of 2012. He enjoys watching soccer, and says that the Spanish Soccer National Team used to be his favorite sports team.... until they lost in the first round of this World Cup. In addition to watching soccer, his hobbies include biking, driving, and spending time with his daughters. He is a self-proclaimed expert in recognizing actors and knowing what movies they have been in. His deep dark secret is that his accent is not real.

    • Nick Sandoval
      BMW Internet Sales Manager

      Thank you for taking the time to visit Schomp BMW. I hope that I was helpful and assisted in creating a car buying experience unlike any that you have ever had.

      I graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing in 2009. I was born in Denver, CO and have lived everywhere from Pueblo to Ft. Collins. I currently live near downtown and make the short drive here to Schomp BMW in Highlands Ranch. I am very active. I play basketball, workout and am very involved in music and fashion.

      I have been an avid BMW enthusiast for many years. The incredible performance, styling and prestige that come with every BMW cannot be fully described until you are behind the wheel of one. After I experienced this for myself with my 2008 BMW 135i, I knew that I would be a customer for life.

      However, it was not simply the BMW brand that brought me to Schomp. It was also because we share a common business philosophy on providing the absolute best customer service. My goal is to create a lasting relationship with everyone of my clients and to be your "car guy" for years to come.

      It is important that my clients have an open line of communication with me. Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions you may have. I will make it my priority to assure total satisfaction with your

    • Jason Seehaver
      BMW Sales Business Assistant

      Thank you for visiting Schomp BMW. I hope that I was able to answer all of your questions and help guide you in your automobile search.

      I have enjoyed the last 10 years of serving customers in a number of different capacities. I decided to take my sales career to the next level with Schomp BMW and the great people here.

      I was born in Florida, but raised in Michigan by my mother and father. I learned everything about hard work and sales from my father who was an electronic sales-rep for Jabil Circuit Company, who then started his own independent sales business and later became the owner of a marina in northern Michigan. I started working for him on the gas docks, not being given a position, but having to apply with the store manager like everyone else. After a few years I was able to work my way up as the manager of the ship store and given full responsibility of all aspects of the store. After graduating from Western Michigan University in the fall of 2009, I moved to Denver for a change from the long and harsh Michigan winters.

      As an Eagle Scout, I enjoy all that Colorado has to offer, the year-round outdoor activities; backpacking, hiking and camping are among my favorites. The wonderful weather and people make living here a dream.

      The philosophy and business model at Schomp BMW allows me to utilize my skills and abilities to their full potential. The company shares in my belief that we are here to work for YOU. Too often the perception of the car buying experience is frustrating and unpleasant. Here, the tables are turned. YOU are in the driver's seat, YOU know the price up front, and YOU make the call.

      I am honored to be part of the Ralph Schomp organization and look forward to creating a lasting relationship with each and everyone of my customers. I will do my best to make your experience fun, hassle free, worthwhile, and one that you will want to share with everyone to know. I welcome the opportunity to exceed all your expectations.

      Thank you for coming in today and the opportunity to assist you!

    • Ben Shemony
      Client Sales Advisor

      Benjamin was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. He loves the outdoors. His background is in hospitality hotel management, which he started at a young age, hosting for a few downtown Denver night clubs and restaurants. In a very short time he quickly moved himself up the ladder to management. At the age of 21 he became a night life connoisseur. If you want to know where to have a good time, Benjamin knows where to send you. Basically if you need anything, Benjamin's got a guy.

      Benjamin is a very family oriented person. He prides himself on making
      everyone around him happy. He keeps his family close and his friends
      closer. Benjamin stared at Schomp BMW April 1st 2014, and has no plan on leaving anytime soon. He is in the running for best dressed at Ralph Schomp, and when he grows up he wants to be Jesse Esquibel.

    • Bryan T. Sillery
      BMW Sales Greeter
      (303) 730-1300

      Bryan was born in Idaho Springs, CO. His past several years have been spent living in Georgia, where he was based as a flight attendant. He decided it was time to leave the airline industry, and is excited to make the move to automotive.

      He loves people, the Saab 900, and is classically trained in opera!

    • Kahley Stone
      Product Genius

      Kahley joins us after spending several years in the service industry. She is a Denver native and the Broncos are her favorite team! She has a passion for horses and her most memorable job was when she worked with an equestrian team when she was younger. She enjoys music (she has a hidden singing talent) and staying active, whether that be indoors or out. She dreams of traveling the world one day.

    • Travis Taggart
      Internet Client Advisor
      303 819 7713

      Thank you for taking the time to visit Schomp BMW. It was a pleasure working with you and I hope your experience here with Schomp was enjoyable. I strive to provide a unique car buying experience unlike any you have had before.

      Personal History : I was born into a military family and had the opportunity to travel to many places around the country. I have now come to call Colorado home after settling here with my family 16 years ago. I am currently attending the University of Colorado Denver majoring in
      Communications and pursuing a minor in Law studies. Away from work and school I love all Colorado has to offer from outdoor adventures to
      supporting our local sports teams.

      Professional History : I have a strong background in sales and customer
      service. While I have not previously worked in the auto industry I was
      drawn to Schomp by their reputation and business philosophy. Schomp has created an environment that is here to meet your needs and I share in that belief that we are here to work for you.

      Contact : It is important that all my clients have an open line of
      communication with me. Please feel free to contact me at work or on my cell and I will make it a priority to assure total satisfaction with your
      investment. My goal is to develop a lifetime relationship with each and
      every client.

    • Tyler Jeffery Timian
      BMW Internet Client Advisor.

      Tyler joins Schomp after recently concluding an extended amount of time spent perfecting his customer service skills in the hospitality industry. Tyler is a fan of the Denver Broncos and is originally from Montrose, Colorado. He enjoys spending time at the gym, mountain biking, visiting dog parks, wine and food/cooking. He dreams of one day owning a house on the water, which would make it easier for him to pursue his passion of deep sea fishing. If given the chance to be any animal, he would be a rescue dog in Bel Air, California (or any other affluent area).

    • Maciej Piotr Trubowicz
      Internet Client Advisor
      303.730.1300 ext. 1820

      Maciej (pronounced Ma-Check) is originally from Poland. He grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and he is a Bears fan. Not to worry, he also lists The DENVER BRONCOS as one of his favorite teams!

      His hobbies include snowboarding, watersports, hiking, and playing music. Maciej has worked for most of his life as a DJ.

      He dreams of being successful in everything in life.

    • Greg Winch
      Client Advisor

      Greg Winch
      Client Advisor - Schomp BMW

      With over 25 years of Automotive Industry Experience, there is not much that happens in a dealership that I have not done. After graduating from UTI in Phoenix, AZ, I worked as a Technician, Shop Foreman, and eventually as a Service Manager for Land Rover. After opening a new dealership, I transitioned to a position where for over a decade I was able to learn the sales side of the business. I have worked on National Sales and Marketing committees and Certified Pre-Owned Development Panels for luxury brands. I have always loved working in this industry and I still do!

      In a business that often operates with an "ethics optional" philosophy, I have been very fortunate to join the Schomp BMW team. The integrity and reputation of the Schomp organization made it an easy choice for me to find a fit. I am honored and feel privileged to be associated with Schomp and BMW.

      To provide customers with the best experience possible from someone who truly cares has been my goal throughout my career. It is my sincere hope that I am able to put my experience and desire to help to work for you!

    • Josh Vario
      Internet Client Advisor

      A true motor and electric car enthusiast implanted from Detroit, Michigan, I have been in sales since high school, and spent most of that time running my own specialty coatings company. I moved out here in 2007 and have found every single reason to stay, as have most of my non-native friends from around the country. Colorado is simply divine, and I want to add Schomp BMW to that long list of things in your mind that makes this beautiful state so unique.

      Schomp BMW was an instant destination for me; with so many years of working in the automotive industry under my belt, I knew that working for this company would bring out the best in me, which in turn would allow me to provide you with 100% of what Josh Vario has to offer. After working for many other brand name dealerships and selling a variety of makes and models with the "old fashioned" way of doing things, I am very happy to be a part of the Schomp family and to work to build a very satisfied client base with our "One Price" Mission Statement.

      It is my personal goal to do my absolute best in finding the right vehicle, accessories, and products that fit your every need. Whether you're looking for a new vehicle for day-to-day activities, or if you're looking for that pleasure ride you've always wanted, I'll be with you every step of the way, from the moment you walk in the door, through test drives and finance paperwork, to the moment you drive home as another satisfied Schomp customer. As a professional, I will stop at nothing to be sure that I have not only earned your business, but that I have respected you as a person, a client, and as a future client each, listening closely to what you want.

      Thanks for taking time out of your day to spend with me and and all of us here at Schomp BMW. I very much hope that your experience here was everything you hoped for.

    • Jeff Tucker
      Internet Client Advisor

      Thank you for visiting Schomp BMW. I hope that I was able to answer all your questions and help guide you in your automobile purchase.

      I am lucky to have the opportunity to work so close to home. I grew up in Highlands Ranch and enjoy being close to my home and family. I moved to Parker a few years ago, but most of my family is still in Highlands Ranch. Outside of work I spend much of my time with family and friends and enjoy just about any activity I can do outdoors in Colorado.

      I started my automotive career more than ten years ago, but I don't think I would still be in the business if I had not come to Schomp. The philosophy at Schomp allows me to put the client first. BMW calls us Client Advisors, not salespeople, and that could not be truer than it is here at Schomp. I have found that selling has become less about sales and more about customer service. Schomp's "One Price. One Person. One Hour." experience allows me to focus only on the client.

      I look forward to creating a lasting relationship with each of my clients. My goal is to make this the best car buying experience possible. Thank you for coming in today and giving me the opportunity to assist you!

    • Dan Zadek
      BMW Sales Client Advisor

      My name is Dan Zadek and I love working at Schomp BMW. Getting to present the best made, best driving cars in the world to our customers is so much fun. I get to meet some really great people as well, which makes talking about our cars even better. I chose to work here because of the way that Schomp treats its customers. I think it's a great business model, which explains why we are the biggest BMW dealership in five Rocky Mountain States.

      I'm originally from the East Coast, and have been in beautiful Colorado for almost 3 years. I was born in NYC and lived in NJ for 25 years before coming out here. I like to tell people that I've traded the Jersey Shore for the Rocky Mountains and that I got the better end of the deal. I love to hike and every single day I look at the Front Range and know how lucky I am to be here. I have two kids back East. My daughter teaches autistic kids in Manhattan and my son just graduated from Rutgers. I'm very proud of both of them.

      Before selling BMWs I was a retail manager. My retail career was divided between sporting goods and electronics. The part of retail that I enjoyed the most was being part of a great team and getting to talk to customers about outstanding products such as Apple Computers. So, working here at Schomp feels like a good fit for me.

      I look forward to getting to meet you and to sharing our great inventory of new BMW's as well as a wide variety of pre-owned cars.

    • Caleb Barcus
      BMW Client Advisor

      Caleb one of our newest BMW Client Advisors. He is from South Bend, Indiana and dreams of success in business as well as success in his home life. He would love to be an Eagle, so that he could fly. His hidden talent is his ability to write like a 5th grader. He loves camping and fishing, and is a big fan of all Aston Martins and Lamborghinis. His most memorable job was the time he spent as Editor-in-chief/CEO of Epic Colorado Magazine. His favorite sports team is the Chicago Bears.

    • Brandon Sill
      Sales Business Assistant

      Though I was born in Seattle, I moved to Denver 23 years ago and consider myself a Colorado Native at heart. I am a die-hard sports fan, and can often be found cheering for any (and all) of our local Colorado teams! I have a passion for spending time outdoors, especially in this beautiful state. Also, as a self-proclaimed "Movie Expert" and "sort of a tech nerd", I love all things technology and I am fascinated by where the constant developments are taking us. The Ralph Schomp Automotive reputation in the community is what drew me to the company, and it is the dedication to the customer that keeps me here. While my previous experiences have provided me with great skill and experience, I have found a future here at Schomp; working with an employer that shares my values and always puts the customer experience first.

    • Steve Schrader
      BMW Client Advisor

      Steve is one of BMW's newest Client Advisors. He joins us from Columbus, Ohio, where he became a fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes. His favorite cartoon is Bugs Bunny, and his hobbies include playing tennis, or doing anything with his kiddos.

    • Michael ("Mike") Brian Behr
      Sales Client Advisor

      Mike was born in Chicago (favorite sports team is the Chicago Bears), but grew up in Tucson, Arizona. He then spent time living in California, before landing here in our beautiful state of Colorado. He enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and the board game "Go". His favorite car is the BMW i8. He won't tell us his hidden talent... because then it wouldn't be hidden anymore.

    • Jose L Plazola
      BMW Sales Product Genius

      As one of the newest members of the Schomp BMW family, let me begin by saying that I am extremely enthused to be working with and getting to know every one of our customers. In the past I have worked in customer service in various capacities. I hope to use my previous experience to help make your visit to Schomp BMW a memorable visit.

      My Goal as a BMW Genius is to ensure that you leave Schomp BMW feeling confident and excited about your new vehicle so as to give you the "Ultimate Driving Experience." Feel free to come to me with any questions you may have about your vehicle.

      I am Colorado native, having grown up in the Denver Metro area. I have no desire to leave this paradise anytime soon. I am a proud alumnus of the University of Colorado Boulder from which I graduated in May of 2013. On my free time you can find me somewhere in Denver eating, enjoying the bicycle culture, running, or people watching.

      I look forward to making Schomp BMW my home for a long time.

    • Tyler Anderson Woodward
      BMW Sales Internet Client Advisor

      Tyler moved to Colorado from a northwest suburb of Chicago; Lake Zurich Illinois. He has been in the automotive business for the last 3 years, prior he worked in member services at Cherry Hills Country Club. He enjoys Fishing, Skiing and Hockey when he is away from work. His favorite sports teams are the Chicago Blackhawks and Bears and Cubs, but with living in Denver he roots for the Broncos and enjoys watching the Rockies at Coors field as well. He looks forward to providing excellent customer service and helping people achieve their dream of owning a BMW.

    • Joshua Harnish
      BMW Sales Client Advisor

      Thank you for choosing Schomp for your automotive needs. Being a native to Colorado, I enjoy hiking camping fishing and outdoor fun with my family! I appreciate what our beautiful state has to offer, and the community and friendships that have been built here. My other passion is fitness. It is just as important to maintain a healthy human body as it is to maintain your vehicle. I have dedicated many years to automotive finance, and most recently have become a client advisor. My number one priority is customer satisfaction. Together, we will make your car buying experience a great one!

    • Steven Suppi
      BMW Sales Assistant

      I was born and raised in Colorado, and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Some of the things I enjoy are dirt biking, camping and mostly all outdoor activities. I have worked a couple of different jobs with Schomp and have enjoyed being a part of such a great organization. I have never worked for a company that provides employees with such wonderful benefits and opportunities. I see my career with Schomp being successful and fulfilling.

    • Andrew "Drew" Harrison
      BMW Sales Client Advisor

      Drew is a Client Advisor with Schomp. He was recently a Floor Trader at the Chicago Board of Trade and Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He enjoys playing tennis. He also likes sporting clays, teaching martial arts and coaching his daughter's softball team. He is very much a Bronco's fan, and prides himself on his Chris Farley impression.

    • Jenna Malone
      BMW Service Advisor

      I am newly arrived in Littleton, hailing from New Jersey. I'm very excited to start a new chapter in my life and even more excited to be working at Schomp BMW. Before I started here I worked at a BMW dealership in Pennsylvania. One of my personal characteristics is that I put everyone ahead of myself - definitely a good thing for customers!

      I love doing anything outdoors and I go skydiving once a year to let my "annual crazy" out. I also enjoy reading and making jewelry.

      I fit right into Denver's sports scene because I may be borderline obsessed with hockey - my favorite team is the Philadelphia Flyers.

    • Lester Thomas
      BMW Sales Client Advisor

      I have been in the automotive industry for more than 22 years, mostly in finance, which I think will help me in my goal to be a complete sales professional and progress in this business. I recently returned to Denver from the Durham, North Carolina area.

      In my spare time I participate in competition barbecue, play golf, mentor young people and like to shop. One little-known fact about me is that I was a standup comedian for four years. Goodwill Industries named me its 2000-01 High School Mentor of the Year and the award was presented by then-Gov. Bill Owens. My favorite song is "I Need You to Survive," performed by Hezekiah Walker's Gospel Choir.

    • Justin Linder
      BMW Client Advisor

      Justin was born and raised in Austin, Texas and while his favorite NFL team is the Denver Broncos, his favorite college Football team continues to be the Texas Longhorns.

      Justin loves the beautiful Colorado Outdoors. He also likes to travel, read, watch movies, play video games, listen to music, and enjoy the arts. He dreams of eventually owning several small properties around the world, and he ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain in 2007. His hidden talent is that he can ride a unicycle and juggle at the same time.

    • Kathy Powell
      BMW Product Genius

      Kathy is from New York and Arizona. She loves running, skiing (both water and snow), cooking, diving, shooting, and travel. Her favorite car is a '57 Corvette, and she dreams of one day living on a boat. She has a hidden talent for calligraphy, and in addition to being a BMW Genius, she is also a psychotherapist. She loves the Denver Broncos, and if she could be any animal she would be a Yellow Lab.

    • Andrew Young
      BMW Client Advisor

      Andrew Young is joining us from The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, but is originally from Iowa City, Iowa. He is a big Hawkeyes fan, as well as a fan of all Chicago teams, EXCEPT the White Sox. He dreams of having the freedom to travel and to do whatever he wants. If he could be any animal he would be a wolf, because they travel in packs and work with others to accomplish their goals. Andrew's favorite car is a BMW M4 and he enjoys travel, golf, cooking, and reading.

    • Elizabeth "Liz" Liggett
      BMW Client Advisor

      Liz is a Colorado Native, originally from Glenwood Springs. She spent time as the owner of an automotive accessories and car audio store, where she really enjoyed working with cars and having the experience of owning her own company. She loves to travel and spend time with friends and family. Liz has a hidden talent for tinting windows, and despite the fact that she is from the mountains of Colorado, she is not a skier or snowboarder.

    • Yousuf Malik
      BMW Client Advisor

      Yousuf was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. He loves to swim and play basketball, but most of all he enjoys spending time with his wife and their young son. He cherishes the trips they take to the museum, the park, and their weekly trips to grandma's house. He dreams of spending more time with his family in the future, and being there every step of the way as he watches his son grow up and become a man. Yousuf says the most surprising thing about him is that he hs very compassionate, and an extremely spiritual person. Though he is competitive and confident, he believes that humility and caring for others comes before all else.

    • Allstate Insurance

    • Ryan Turner
      BMW Allstate Agent

      I had been with Allstate for about 2 years when I visited Schomp BMW for a test drive. I have been a BMW enthusiast since I started driving and when I found out that my favorite BMW dealership was putting in an Allstate Agency, I knew I had to get on board to combine my two favorite things into one - Helping people mitigate risk with Insurance and of course driving high-quality BMW's.

      I originally grew up in Wyoming, and moved to Colorado as soon as I could. I love spending time outdoors. I love Colorado because you can wake board in the summer and snowboard in the winter. I live with my two head strong Shiba Inu puppies that we rescued.

      Being able to add quality and a personal touch is important to me and is a major tenet of the Schomp team and I look forward to working closely with you to answer any questions you may have and ensure you have your insurance and automotive needs satisfied.

    • Sarah Kruse
      BMW Allstate Agent

      I recently moved to Denver from San Diego and I'm excited to be a member of the Schomp Automotive family. I have joined the Schomp Insurance team and feel lucky to be working with professionals that have the experience and knowledge to carry Schomp Insurance to the next level within Allstate and Colorado.

      I am originally from Michigan with a passion for anything outdoors which is how I ended up in Colorado, most of which involves snowboarding and skateboarding. Also, in my spare time, I do stand up comedy and practice the art of of catching flies with chopsticks. I have over five years of sales experience and a background in insurance which I have found to be very challenging and interesting. It has been rewarding advising my clients on proper insurance coverage and saving them money along the way.

      My goals are to use my knowledge and drive to help build Schomp Insurance to become the best in Colorado.

    • Mike Terpstra
      BMW Allstate Agent

      I joined the Schomp Automotive team in December of 2013 as the first ever Allstate Sales Manager. By March of 2014 we had an office built, staff hired, processes in place, and launched Schomp Insurance. Our agency staff are a remarkable group, and an honor to work with every day. My insurance career began with Allstate in 2006, and since then have had the opportunity to work within personal lines, large commercial business, and the life insurance realm.

      When away from work, my wife Megan, and our three boys Roy, Cooper, and Jed, are my life. We love spending time in the outdoors together. I moved to Colorado from Southern California in 1998 to pursue an education, and fly fishing. Thankfully, I found them both.

      My professional goal is to help our clients protect what matters most to
      them, in a way that makes sense to their budget. I am passionate about
      people making wise insurance purchases, and doing it all inside of the
      Schomp mindset.

      Please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you.

    • Jonathan Binetti
      Allstate Sales Producer

      Jonathan Binetti goes by "Jon" and is our new Allstate Sales Producer. A Denver Broncos fan, he is originally from Aurora and enjoys snowboarding, wake boarding, working out, and cooking. He considers himself to be a fairly talented hip-hop rapper, and dreams of stability and success..

    • Jessica Culligan
      All State Producer

      Jess recently moved to Colorado from Tallahassee, FL. She was previously a 4th grade teacher, which she loved because she liked making a difference in the lives of young children. She also enjoys volleyball, running, and snowboarding. Jess dreams of traveling the world.

    • Service Department

    • Brian Bearden
      Service Manger
      303.730.1300 ext 1775

      14 years ago my brother-in-law suggested I take a job as a service consultant. I decided to give it a shot, and it worked out - 18 months later I became a service manager, and today I am proud to be a part of the Schomp organization.

      I was born in Sylacauga, Alabama. I spent 4.5 years living in Germany, and returned to the U.S. speaking no English. I played lacrosse throughout high school and college, and even tried out to play for the Colorado Mammoth. I have been married 12 years to my high school sweetheart, and after 19 years of being together we have two wonderful children; Madison, 12, and Steven, 9. I enjoy spending time with the family, traveling to the Disney Theme Parks, and playing video games with my son. I have authored a self-help book titled, "Thought for a Result" and speak about the level of thinking that it took to achieve the success that I have worked towards. I love to help others in any aspects of their lives. Moreover, my mission is to help anyone that I can to see the potential that we all carry within us.

      I look forward to a long career at Schomp Automotive and welcome anyone by to come and say hello. Thank you.

    • Michael Ruch
      Service Manager
      303.730.1300 Ext. 1767

      Michael recently moved here from sunny Santa Barbara, California - and he
      is beyond excited to see the snow!! He has also lived in Boston (he is a
      Red Sox fan), Texas, and Florida.

      His hobbies are vintage motorcylces and model trains, and his favorite car is the Alpina B7. He has a master's degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological in Boston.

    • Chris Adans
      Service Advisor
      303-730-1300 Ext. 1750

    • Adam Bennick
      Service Advisor
      303-730-1300 ext:1768

      I am married with two teenage boys. We enjoy hiking, going to sporting events, and listening to music. I am originally from Wyoming, but moved here in 1991. I have been in the auto industry since 1991 and been with Schomp since 2013.

    • Ryan Breslin
      BMW Service Advisor
      702 234 3244

      Thank you for visiting Schomp BMW. I hope that I was able to answer all of your questions and help guide you in your automobile purchase.

      I have enjoyed the last 18 years serving customers in a number of different capacities. I decided to take my career to the next level with Schomp BMW and the grat people here.

      I was born and raised in the Las Vegas valley by my father who was a General Contractor. I grew up working in the family business from a very early age and was taught the meaning of a hard and honest days work. I started as a laborer and moved my way up through the company to a managing partner and Vice President, a position that I still hold today. At the age of 35 I was ready for a change so I moved my family to the great city of Denver. I have a beautiful wife named Jennifer, an adorable 3 year old daughter named Ivy and another child any day. I enjoy everything outdoors and everything that Denver has to offer. Most days off I enjoy dirt biking, mountain biking, camping, hiking and snowboarding.

      The philosophy and business model at Schomp BMW allows me to utilize my skills and abilities to their full potential. The company shares in my belief that we are here to work for you. Too often the perception of the car buying experience is frustrating and unpleasant. Here, the tables are turned. YOU are in the driver's seat, YOU know the price up front and YOU make the call.

      I am honored to be part of the Ralph Schomp organization and look forward to creating a long lasting relationship with each and everyone of my customers. I will do my best to make your experience fun, hassle free, worthwhile and one that you will want to share with everyone you know. I welcome the opportunity to exceed all your expectations.

      Thank you for coming in today and the opportunity to assist you!

    • Tyler Brown
      Service Advisor

      I've been with Schomp BMW for 6 years. Hobbies include camping, sports, outdoors and spending time with friends and family.

    • Patricia Diesing
      Service Receptionist
      303.730.1300 ext 1756

      Hello my name is Patricia...

      My family moved to Colorful Colorado from the Garden State of New Jersey 41 years ago. We never looked back!

      Our small boys are now grown men. One of our three sons has worked for the Schomp Family for over 20 years.

      I came to Schomp 14 years ago after many years with an awards and recognition business. My earlier Colorado days were with the modeling profession.

      I have worked in sales doing customer service during my career. My employment at Schomp's began in Heavenly Honda as a Sales coordinator. After three years, the company transferred me to the Land of the Beaming Beamers. I was somewhat apprehensive as I loved the Honda Family.

      My husband and I both started with the Schomp organization within a week of each other. He worked in the Operations Department. And then, there were THREE...

      As I was extremely happy as Administrative Assistant to BMW Sales after some reservation, Ms. Schomp asked me to join BMW Service with the move to the new location in Highlands Ranch.

      She knows what she is doing...My customer service background is very pertinent to this department as the Service Concierge.

      I've been very blessed to be part of the Schomp Family. Mr. Schomp and Ms. Lisa have been major players to the auto industry. As third generation Aaron took BMW to the ranks of Center for Excellence the last three years.

      I am proud to be part of this great organization with integrity, customer service excellence and community service as major priorities.

      The Schomp Family is the family I meet along the way.

      Yours in Service,


    • Michael "Mike" Gibbson
      Service Advisor
      303-730-1300 Ext. 1752

      I love the BMW product and have have been working at Schomp for over thirteen years. In my spare time I enjoy serving and volunteering with teens and young adults and I have been doing this for about twenty years. I am blessed to have a wonderful wife and four awesome children who all love to serve and volunteer alongside of me. Have an amazing day and please let me know how I am able to help you. Thank you!

    • Steven Constable
      Service Advisor

      I've been working with Schomp for 11 years and it's a great company to work for. I like riding dirt bikes, traveling and snowboarding. Also spending time with family and friends is important to me.

    • Billy Lindauer
      Service Advisor
      303-730-1300 ext:1753

      I was born and raised in beautiful Colorado. My love for the outdoors makes Colorado the perfect place for me, and I like to take advantage of the mountains and the active lifestyle as often as I can. I have three beautiful children that mean the absolute world to me, and spending time with them is my favorite hobby.

      My passion for BMW's began when I turned 16 years old and bought my first car. It was a 1983 E28 528e with 225,000 miles that was beat up. I drove that car throughout my high school career and understood the vehicle. Since then, I have continued to own and drive countless BMW's because they are the best cars on the road. I have been working in the BMW world for almost 8 years now. This is where my heart belongs, and ensuring that my customers have a positive, memorable experience when they visit Schomp is my first priority.

    • Justin Hockenberry
      Service Advisor
      303.730.1300 ext 1757

      As a Colorado native, I started working with the Schomp team back in 1994 as a technician intern. My passion for cars lead me to pursue a degree in Automotive Industry Management at CSU-Pueblo to better myself professionally and technically. While sharpening my skills in the classroom, I continued working throughout the five years where I achieved a double degree with dual minors. Advancing from a technician intern to a full time service team member was only made possible by the best management team who guided me everyday. Just as I'm proud of my achievements as an active triathlete, I'm also proud of being apart of an industry leading brand, company, and family.

    • Andrew Magalong
      Service Advisor

      Schomp BMW has become one of the premier dealerships in North America by receiving the "Center of Excellence" award for the third straight year.Becoming a part of this elite team is what ignited my interest to come aboard over three years ago. It is my pleasure to assist in providing a premium customer and car buying experience for our clients.

      I graduated from Colorado State University-Pueblo with a bachelors in Automotive Management and a minor in Business and Leadership Studies. Fromt here, I worked in the aftermarket parts industry for over two years before joining the Schomp Automotive family. Currently, working in the Service department has been immensely challenging and rewarding.

      Aside from my passion for the BMW product, you can find me outside in the Colorado outdoors running, cycling, golfing, hiking, and fishing. The art of music also occupies my free time; from listening to all genres,practicing my guitar, and actively performing on the cello for special events.

      Our mission at Schomp BMW is to provide the best customer service experience during your first vehicle purchase or service appointment and subsequent visits down the road. It is my pleasure in welcoming you to Schomp BMW and may your visit be a memorable one.

    • David Mascarenas
      Service Advisor
      303.730.1300 ext 1751

      Been working as a service advisor for about the last 15 years at three different dealerships. I am very fortunate to have landed here at Schomp BMW. I've been here for 11/2 years now It has been a great experience and an awesome company to be a part of. Born an raised in this great state of Colorado has given me a passion for the outdoors. I get in the mountains when I can to go camping, fishing and to enjoy the time away from the city. Also have a hobby of restoring old Pontiac muscle Cars in my spare time. Plan to do as much traveling as I can to see some of the ancient ruins of the world. My goal here at Schomp is to make you service experience as seamless as possible.

    • Matthew Rebeck
      BMW Genius

      As a tech-savvy individual with a passion for the BMW brand, I am here to support new and existing customers with in-depth product knowledge to further help Schomp BMW create a friendly and helpful environment for our clients.

      With 6 years experience in the home automation and home security industry, I have worked through many technical issues to help fit very specific customers and their needs. I will answer any question, big or small; Need help paring your Smart phone to your BMWs Bluetooth feature? Interested in the amount of torque of a specific model?

      Whatever questions you have, as your BMW Genius, I look forward to helping you utilize and configure products with your specific needs.

    • Lorenzo Sanchez
      Service Advisor

    • Charles Skogland
      BMW Service Assistant

    • Dale Villegas
      Service Advisor
      303-730-1300 ext: 1763

      I have been with Schomp for almost a year now. One of the best places I have had the opportunity to work at.

      I was born and raised here in Colorado. I got my first start at O'meara ford at the age of eighteen and have been striving to be the best. I'm the youngest of two in my family. I'm proud to be part of Schomp. I love totravel when I can and ride my motorcycle. I don't have any kids but one giant boxer/bull mastiff named Diesel. I'm a very big sports enthusiast and you will see me at almost every Colorado sporting event. If I get the pleasure to work with you and your BMW, the experience will be outstanding with me along with rest of the family at Schomp.

    • Matthew Mueller
      BMW Service Assistant

      Hey my name is Matt. I was born in Palmdale, CA, moved to Las Vegas for 8 years, and have lived in Colorado since 1999. I started at Schomp September 2013 as a lot tech and have loved every minute of it. BMWs are my passion and Schomp allows me to do what I love everyday.

      I am a sports fanatic. I played varsity baseball, basketball and football at Heritage High School and went on to play college baseball for a year at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas. After my baseball career ended I attended Colorado State University for 4 years. I love the Colorado lifestyle and enjoy hiking, snowboarding, riding my Ducati Streetfighter, and spending time with my family.

      I look forward to a long fulfilling career with Schomp and welcome the opportunity to assist you with your BMW.

    • Robert "Bobby" Pinter
      BMW Service Advisor

      My name is Bobby. I was born and raised in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Graduated from Colorado Mesa University with my BBA in Human Resources and Entrepreneurship and then I moved to Denver to pursue a new career. Always loved BMW's and decided to move forward with a career that involved some of my hobbies, learning how to levitate with my mind wasn't working out as hoped.

      My hobbies to start, I'm a car enthusiast, love hockey, watching and
      playing. Snowboarder and love to staying active while keeping friends and family close in my life. Dog lover and have a boston terrier. Enjoy meeting new people and hearing new stories.

      My goals is to leave changing a persons day in a positive way. Hope to meet new people and create long lasting friendships. Let me know how I can assist you.

    • Jason Robert Sheffield
      BMW Service Advisor

      I joined Schomp Automotive in July of 2014. I look forward to taking care of our dealership guests and utilizing the opportunity that working for Schomp has to offer. I previously worked for Lexus in the service department for the last ten years.

      While away from the office I enjoy spoiling my nephews. Other hobbies include riding motocross, wakeboarding and restoring classic cars and trucks.

      My goal is to bring my experience and drive to the Schomp group to improve our team and guest satisfaction.

    • Parts Department

    • Dennis Geist
      Parts Manager

      I began my automotive career with the Schomp Automotive family in 1977. I started as a parts driver, working my way to become a full time counter person & have served as a Parts Manager for BMW for the past 28 years and I have grown into a true BMW enthusiast, having had the opportunity to work with such a remarkable brand over an extended period of time. I enjoy helping our clients discover the brand and joy of driving "The Ultimate Driving Machine".

      When out of the office I enjoy spending time with my wife, children and grandchildren, mountain biking, fishing, snowboarding, playing golf, and watching the numerous sporting teams that Colorado has to offer. I consider myself a semi-native having moved to Colorado when I was 2 and growing up in the Denver area.

      Please feel to reach to myself or one of my team members as we are able to look up & locate any parts for your BMW.

    • Glen McAvoy
      Assistant Parts Manager

      I was born in San Antonio, Texas and moved to Colorado when I was six months old. Growing up in Golden, I graduated from Golden High School in 1983. My career in the automotive industry began when I was 16 and worked as a service porter/parts driver/detailer. I started with Schomp in 1985 and am looking forward to celebrating 30 years of service with the company in 2015. My current position is Assistant Parts Manager, where my goal is to ensure not only having the correct factory BMW parts to keep your vehicle on the road, but an excellent customer service experience as well.

    • Yevgeniy Aspidov
      Parts Advisor
      303.730.1300 ext 1511

      I moved from Russia to Denver, Colorado in 1994 at the age of 7. I lived in Colorado ever since and graduated from Bear creek high school. Afterwards I attended Metro State University and earned a bachelors degree in business management.

      I've been at Schomp for eight years, first as a shipper and receiver and then for the past six years as a parts adviser. I've also worked at Discount tire for two and a half years and my first job was at Wendy's, where I worked for three years.

    • Josh Adams
      Service Advisor

    • Jim Dodic
      Parts Advisor

    • Kevin Doll
      Parts Counter Person

    • Richard Simmons
      BMW Parts

    • Jason D. Ford
      BMW Parts

    • Marisa Adams
      303-730-1300 ext:1800

    • Administration

    • Tara North
      BMW Sales Greeter

    • Billy DeVore
      E Test Supervisor
      303-730-1300 Ext. 1856

      I came to Schomp in 2008 after retiring General Electric in 2006 after 40+ years in the Consumer Electronic and Major Appliance divisions. I worked my way through GE management positions from entry level management to upper management in multiple locations. I enjoy golf and motorsports and remain an active drag racer at Bandimere Speedway with my Corvette Stingray. I also work part time at Bandimere Speedway as NHRA certified race car tech inspector.

      I am married with two daughters, two grandsons and one granddaughter.

    • John DuMoulin
      Inventory Control

    • Tony Ianucilli
      Finance Manager
      303.730.1300 ext 1959

    • Carrie Mathews
      HR / GM Assistant
      303-730-1300 Ext. 1959

      Carrie Mathews is a Human Resources Representative with Schomp BMW and has a passion for people. Born in Lawrenceville, GA, she moved to Highlands Ranch at the age of 12.

      Pursuing her passion for writing, Carrie received her degree at CSU in Journalism with an emphasis in creative writing. Her hobbies include photography, reading, learning new things, and of course, writing. Carrie has 4 children; 2 boys, ages 8 and 10, and 2 girls, ages 4 and 6.

      After spending years in the airline industry, Carrie decided that it was time to keep her feet on the ground. Knowing Schomp's involvement in the community, she applied and started as a Delivery Specialist. After holding multiple positions with the dealer, including Finance, Carrie was given the honor of becoming the General Manager's personal assistant and Human Resources for the dealership.

      Her care for others shines through her every interaction with the employees and her pride for the organization is felt.