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    Customer Testimonials

    Service - Littleton, CO
    Saturday, 09 September, 2013
    Leslie S
    My experience started with Billy Lindauer in the Service Dept. He was my Service Advisor at Murray and I've trusted him implicitly with my cars for years. When he left Murray, so did I! He had me speak with Julia Cebatah who was wonderful. She listened to what I wanted in a new vehicle before giving up my much loved older one. She found something that fit me pretty close to perfectly! I also noticed a different vibe while walking around the dealership. Everyone was so accommodating, friendly & up beat while still being productive. I love that! I'll definitely be back as well as refer friends to Schomp!

    Sales (Used)

    Where to start with this frustrating establishment? There were many things that were promised with the car that simply were not done, or lied about (such as brand new tires, and misrepresenting the work done to the car before I bought it). I was also lead to believe that the car was certified when I purchased it used, and come to find out from my many visits to the service department, that "this car never would have been certified". As for the service department, there are a couple people that are helpful, like Jake, the technician, he helped me more than any of the service advisers/managers ever did. The advisers/managers never once took me seriously when I had an issue, usually blowing me off completely (possibly because I am younger than their typical customer, but incredibly frustrating nonetheless). Some of the few nice things about this dealer is their longer service hours, their loaner cars, and the group of people they have that details the cars before they are returned from service. Other than that, this dealership is one of the most infuriating that I have had to work with for any of my cars.
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    I bought my first BMW in April. I have been amazed at the customer service of Matt Daymude, who sold us the car and all those in the service department that have helped me out over little things, like no place to put a front license plate. They all bend over backwards to be helpful, courteous and efficient.
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    Sales (Used)

    Let me start out by saying I have been a sales professional for over 22 years, 12 of which was in the car business as a salesperson, sales manager or finance manager. After a bit of a rough start at Schomp my buying experience was turned around completely thanks to Rob (Sales Manager) and Larry (GSM). I left with a great 2014 750i which I hope to enjoy for a long time to come.
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    Sales (Used)

    dtown ballers
    went to BMW to purchase a 7 series took a week to get the vehicle because they could not sell it because of the safety factor that the salesman was unaware of supposedly he said we could sell the car while 2 days later manager calls and says no we can there is no sale until safety requirements are completed also service that was promised that they owe was never done they lied and said it was all done come to find out nothing was done it was the same way the day I looked at it not even an oil change or anything they promised very very bad service be careful
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    Sales (Used) - Denver, CO

    Their prices are reasonable, but they rip you on your trade.... obviously people want a nicer car, and after enticing you, they rip the carpet from under your feet and low ball you on the trade. I also got sold a package with my car that the car doesn't even have.... They pulled trade values from the same web sites as I did and somehow they came in over $1,000 less than my trade value.... Don't take a trade, take a jack-xxx of a friend to question everything and make sure the car has what you are paying for.
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    Sales (Used)

    angry and annoyed
    2 days to attempt to buy a used car only to be lied to by our sales rep about the reason for a turn down. I understand that my credit may not be the most pristine (and big car dealerships only seem to want to deal with pristine credit), so ask about my credit up front, turn in my request for a loan in a timely manner (which did NOT happen) and be totally honest with me about any declines; I know what my credit looks like so I don't need any sugar coating. I will never do any business with any Schomp dealerships in the future and neither will my family.
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    Sales (Used)

    I bought a truck from there for $15,650 and change. I drove it for 7 months. Here's what I did to it after I sold it and lost $6000. I put new shocks, rack and pinion, new tires (other tires had inner wear), slave cylinder, clutch bushings, steering column, brakes, ball joints, tie rods etc...This was a financial disaster....beware of their used cars. I would take it to a mechanic and autobody shop first. The checklist they give you that they went through the car and checked it before selling it to you should go in the trash. Go anywhere else and you'll do better....
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    Sales (Used)

    Shalea Mcdonald
    Schomp BMW was the first stop in my search for a new vehicle. Travis Taggart was my client advisor, and gave my boyfriend and I great customer service. There was only one vehicle there that fit what I was looking for, so Travis jumped on the Schomp Honda website to see what he could find for us. He helped us find some vehicles to look at Schomp Honda, and called ahead to let them know we were coming. We really appreciated his attentiveness and great customer service. Thanks again Travis!
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    Sales (Used)

    Schomp BMW and the entire sales and service staff has made the BMW owner's experience a breeze. Not only are they personable, professional, and courteous, but they go out of their way to accommodate the customer's schedule. I appreciate the caring relationship that I have with the Justin our Sales Rep . Obviously, the car is amazing and ridiculously fun to drive. I did a lot of time internet shopping for my next dream car. I was interested in a BMW X 5 and saw BMW Schomp of Highlands Ranch had one was advertised for sale. I called and spoke to Justin about the car and seemed to have the answer to every question I asked, not one time did he say he'd have to call me back to get an answer. Justin offered to send me additional photos and the complete service history, I didn't even have to ask for it! After a couple of hours of doing more research and calling a couple of other dealers that had similar cars for sale I decided on trusting Justin's knowledge and negotiated a deal. I pay what I originally wanted but I feel it was a fair number. So far I'm really impressed with the car and the whole experience as such!
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    Sales (Used)

    After researching for a competitively priced CR-V EX-L I was directed to Schomp BMW. Dan Zadek answered my 8am phone inquiry and was available, ready and willing to help me with the sale of a Honda on a BMW lot! I purchased with confidence that I was getting a used 2014 vehicle at a fair market price. Additionally, in return, Larry Stanley (General Sales Manager) provided me with what I already researched to be fair market value for my dealer trade in. The process was very smooth. I left the dealership feeling as important as a customer purchasing a BMW.
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