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BMW 7 Series

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  • The BMW 7 Series sports a cockpit that would make a private jet pilot jealous.
  • High-Precision Direct Injection
  • Low coefficient of aerodynamic drag means quiet operation and great fuel efficiency

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BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series


The 7 Series is BMW's cutting edge, flagship line group of automobiles, where the latest designs and technology are implemented before they find a home in other model lines.  These cars are your ticket to the future, and one that will deliver on that promise for years to come.  

With an assortment of different body styles, each with their own unique features to meet a variety of lifestyles, this line has an option for everyone. Whether you're driving through the streets of Denver or on your way to the mountains for a ski trip, any of these cars will meet your needs. Each vehicle in the 7-series line-up delivers-the traditional excellence BMW emphasizes in all of its vehicles, and drivers can expect superior comfort and elegance no matter which one they choose.

BMW 740i & 740Li

The 740 and 740Li models utilize a 3-liter, TwinPower turbo engine with an output of 315 horsepower.  Whether you're on a summer drive, or going somewhere during the winter this is the automobile to have at your disposal.  It boasts 25mpg, and considering how much fun it is to drive you will certainly appreciate the cost-efficient nature of the vehicle.  

BMW 750i & 750Li

This car has a very powerful persona, both in terms of body style and spirit. Featuring a 4.4 liter TwinPower turbo V8 engine that can tackle any challenge on the road, this is a car that is - quite simply - fun to drive, and you will certainly have no other words to describe the experience once your foot finds the accelerator.  Despite its powerful engine, this model has a fuel efficiency of 22mpg, something you will want to take advantage of time and again.  

Alpina B7

At the head of the pack is the Alpina B7, a car that features some of BMW's latest innovations in both style and technology. With an incredibly powerful 500hp engine and a premier body style, the vehicle takes several risks and makes gains on all of them. 
 The headlight style and elaborate front fender design will captivate you immediately and the interior of the Alpina is something to behold—the same luxurious accents found in other models are found here, but the subtle changes made to the interior of the vehicle are truly unique.  Produced in collaboration with Alpina, this 7 series is a testament to the engineering qualities of both, exhibiting some of the finest materials the world over.  If you are considering the purchase of an Alpina, consult the specialists at Schomp BMW to explore the possibilities.


BMW 760Li


At the top of BMW's lineup for the 7 Series, the TwinPower Turbo V12 ushers in unprecedented power in a sedan.  Combining the finest features in luxury and convenience, the 760Li is the top tier for executive style.   With the 535 horsepower motor, going to the airport or Colorado ski resorts can be done in one of the Ultimate Driving Machines.

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