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    Throwback Thursday: 5 of BMW's Hottest 2-Door Luxury Vehicles

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    BMW offers a variety of luxury vehicles, from rugged mountain cars like the X5 to speedy city cars like the M3. There's truly a BMW for everyone out there, whether you're looking for something sporty, fuel-efficient or simply comfortable. 

    On this throwback Thursday, we're looking back at some of the hottest 2-door BMWs. From the BMW 507 to the all-new BMW i8, take a look at some of the sexiest BMWs from long ago, until today. 

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    BMW Genius New Car Clinic: Wednesday, September 16

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    Whether you've owned a BMW for decades or you're new to the luxury vehicle brand, there are always fun facts and tips you can learn from the BMW Genius team at Schomp BMW, along with learning about the advantages of purchasing a car at Schomp

    A great way to take advantage of the BMW Geniuses is to attend the brand-new BMW Genius New Car Clinic, taking place at Schomp BMW this month on Wednesday, September 16th. Get to know your BMW, the service department and the maintenance process. 

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    New BMW X1: Showrooms Are Boring

    Your previous conceptions of a luxury vehicle may have something to do with poodles and people with monocles. It's time to bury those assumptions. BMW X1 is all about fun. So it's chock full of the performance and technology features modern drivers need. The latest edition of the BMW X1 packs also has all the interior comforts the brand is known for while staying prepared for adventure. How else could BMW coined the phrase "Sports Activity Vehicle?" Check out the car's sweet moves and stylish looks in this clip below.

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    4 Ways to Enhance Your BMW Drive This Fall

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    Driving a BMW to and from work everyday is a luxury that is an exceptional experience. But driving in traffic and long distances can also cause impatience and stress, which makes driving not always fun. 

    To enhance your drive to and from work, and even on road trips, we put together a list of things to do to ensure you're getting the best out of your BMW. From good music to accessories to make your drive that much more comfortable, here are 4 ways to enhance your drive. 


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    Top 5 Moments from the Morgan Adams Foundation Concours d'Elegance

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    The 13th annual Morgan Adams Foundation Concours d'Elegance took place this weekend at the Centennial Airport - TAC Air and Century Link Hangars in Englewood. This sold-out event attracted the most elite private aircraft and automobile collectors in the country, along with curious locals that wanted to experience this annual event. 

    If you weren't able to attend or snag tickets before the event sold out, we're recapping this event that Schomp BMW was apart of. See the complete photos from the event on the Schomp BMW Facebook page


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    Visit BMW past with the 1602e


    There are so many great reasons to drive a vehicle that is environmentally friendly, and with the BMW i3, style and features don't compete with the car's sustainable side. This balance is something we see an awful lot with the BMW model lineup because they are able to walk the line between powerful, stylish, versatile, and cutting edge. Way back before the i3, there was the BMW 1602e in 1972 which was never offered to the public, but now that we see how far back BMW's concern for the future goes, we can really appreciate all they…

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    3 Top Denver Events to Not Miss

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    Looking for something to do in the next few weeks? Colorado is always booming with events. From culinary festivals to live music, and even rare, collector events, there's always something to do. 

    Mark your calendars because we've put together a list of a few of Colorado's best upcoming events, two of which will help a cause. 

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