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    BMW Planning Big Push into Plug-in Hybrids

    If you've been tempted by thoughts of an electric vehicle, but committed to your Bimmer, BMW is coming to the rescue. The German automaker announced recently that it is planning to offer plug-in hybrid options in every one of its major models, beginning with a 3 series sedan, its best-selling model.

    BMW got into EVs in a big way in the last couple of years with its designed-from-the-ground-up i3 city car and i8 supercar…

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    Schomp BMW's 4 Favorite Christmas Ads

    'Tis the holiday season where everyone is franticly trying to find something for everyone on their Christmas list. We recommend putting the all-new BMW i3 under the tree for that special someone - the perfect electric car with sustainable materials, great gas mileage, and futuristic appeal (learn more here). 

    But if you're still having trouble nailing down just what to get them, we've put together a list of our favorite BMW Christmas ads that…
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    BMW Getaway: 3 of Schomp BMW's Favorite 2-Day Trips in Colorado


    With the holidays right around the corner, you might need to consider a weekend away to refresh after a busy holiday. Or maybe you don't have Christmas plans, making this the perfect time to head out and experience luxury, seasonal decor, and a time to refresh before the New Year. 

    Whether you're looking to get away with the family or an intimate, relaxing getaway for two, Schomp BMW has a few suggestions when it comes to the perfect two-day trip. 

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    Power Inherent in the BMW M6

    Although we're pretty fond of the entire new BMW as it stands, we also have to admit our soft spot for their "M" Performance counterparts. This year has been quite exciting for things in the adrenaline wing, with M iterations of the 2, 3, and 4 series, and X5 and X6 bowing. Now, we're proud to introduce the M6 to drivers.

    While the coupe family was given its generational update in 2012, a…

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    5 Reasons to Gift the BMW i3 for Christmas

    Since last year in the spring, Schomp BMW has been hyping up the all-new BMW i3. Known for its futuristic look and sustainability, the i3 is one of the most talked about new cars this year and chances are you've seen it driving around the streets. 

    Whether you, yourself are looking to get behind the wheel of the vehicle from the future, or you're looking for a priceless gift for someone you love, the BMW i3 would make the perfect last-minute gift to go under your tree this year. Here's why. 
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    Cars.com Nominates 2015 BMW M4 as Best New Luxury Sport Coupe


    When you tinker with a winning combination you're taking a risk. But the editors at Cars.com say that when BMW redesigned its M3 and rebranded it the 2015 M4 the risk proved worth taking. That's why the 2015 BMW M4 is a nominee the Cars.com "2015 Best of" in the "Best New Luxury Sport Coupe of 2015" category. The nominations are made on the basis of value, quality and innovation. The…

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    Throwback Thursday: 4 of BMW’s Coolest Art Cars


    The BMW is truly a work of art. From performance to style, BMWs like the electric i8, the roomy X series, and the sporty M series are all examples of sexy looking cars that perform unlike any other car in the world and have power and the look of genius. 

    BMW Art Cars have expanded across the globe with famous artists taking the BMW and painting it into something museum-worthy. On this Throwback Thursday, we?re looking back at some of the coolest BMW Art Cars

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    BMW Man: 5 Awesome Tech Gifts For Him


    'Tis the season to shop for everyone on your Christmas list. But with only two weeks left, rush shopping often leads to unwanted gifts or gift cards. Get the men in your life gifts they will love and actually use this year. 

    From a TV they have to have to wireless headphones so you don't have to listen to what they're watching, we're showing you a few gifts that will impress even the hardest person to shop for. 

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    BMW Woman: 5 Sophisticated and Fun Tech Gifts for Her


    Haven't gone Christmas shopping for the women on your list yet? If you're planning on heading to the mall last minute or frantically shopping online, you might want to get a head start. 

    We've put together a list of fun tech gifts that are sure to impress even the hardest person to shop for. From phone accessories to pure gold for an iPhone, get your order in on these incredibly creative gifts. 

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    BMW M235i Is Car & Driver “Best Car of 2015”

    Honda FCX Concept Car

    The respected automotive experts at Car & Driver have come out with their annual list of "10 Best Cars of 2015." It certainly doesn't surprise us that the BMW M235i is on the list.

    The listed vehicles are all cars -- not SUVs or crossovers -- and they cost less than $80k. Moreover, according to C&D's editors, "they excel at delivering value for the money, they have a strong mastery of their segment, and they…

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