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    KompetitiveEdge: Season Highlights and Photos


    "Our partnership grows stronger as we market together in order to continue to grow both brands"

    About a year and a half ago, Schomp BMW partnered up with local company, KompetitiveEdge by becoming its official tech support car at triathlons and events all over Colorado. KE drives a Schomp BMW X5 to these events and provides support on the course, as well as before and after each event.

    Click to see this season's highlights and photos!

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    BMW Performance Center coming to La Quinta, California

    There's learning how to drive?and there's learning how to drive like the professionals do. That's where BMW Performance School comes in. BMW has had a driving school for several years at its Spartanburg, South Carolina facility and now those of us who live in the West are getting one, too. BMW has announced that BMW Performance Center West will open later this year near Palm Springs, California.

    BMW Performance Center West?

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    BMW X Series: 3 Models Perfect for the Colorado Winter


    The BMW X series is the perfect Colorado car. Not only is its sleek and curvy design appealing, it can take you practically anywhere you want to go. The X Series is powerful, yet it is smooth and luxurious. It doesn't feel like a truck, like most SUVs do, and it embodies BMW's elegance throughout its interior. 

    If you haven?t sat behind the wheel of an X series model, we think you'll be impressed. Take a look at a few key features of the X series and why it's the perfect Colorado BMW. 

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    BMW Woman: Upcoming Fall Fashion Events in Denver


    Fall is the time of year for fashion. From layering to darker tones, fall fashion is the time of year that you can change up your look with a little inspiration from designers and seasonal fashion shows. 

    Denver actually has a substantial fashion scene, with fashion events circling the season. If you need a little inspiration when it comes to fall fashion, Denver is a great place to start. Click to see the season's best fashion events, here in Denver.
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    Groundbreaking BMW i8 Technology Innovations Filter Throughout Lineup

    Who wouldn't want to drive BMW's sexy new i8 Plug-In Hybrid? Its gorgeous styling and incredible performance (357 hp, 420 lb-ft of torque) put it near the top of the automotive food chain. But, to be candid, it's what we call an aspirational vehicle, meaning that for most of us, it's out of reach. It's unbelievably innovative features, however, are definitely NOT out of reach. In fact, they extend throughout…

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    Electric Future: BMW i8 Features Found in Other BMW Models


    Since arriving at Schomp BMW this spring, the all-new BMW i8 has definitely made its way around Colorado at some of the most elegant events including the Schomp BMW Denver Polo Classic. The i8 turns heads while gliding down the street, and it sparks curiosity in practically everyone it makes eye contact with. This powerful machine is quick on its feet, although light and electric.

    But several of the BMW i8?s features can be found sprinkled throughout the lot at Schomp BMW. Don?t believe us? Our leading Schomp BMW Genius, Matt Rebeck told us all about these features…
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    Schomp Automotive to Sponsor BRAlapalooza Charity Event This Saturday


    Schomp Automotive is proud to announce that it's the official event sponsor of the 2nd-annual BRAlapalooza fundraising gala happening this Saturday, October 4, taking place at Cherry Hills Country Club. This event will be a night of fun with local celebs, vacation packages, amazing auction items, and a menu that will delight. 

    All proceeds from this event benefit Free the Girls. Click here to learn more about this fun event!
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    BMW M Series: A Brief History and the Current M Models


    The BMW has always showcased luxury mixed with exceptional performance. But one series in particular combines power, speed, luxury and performance like none other: the M series.  

    Here's a brief history of the BMW M series, along with the current M series models available now at Schomp BMW!

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