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    5 Minutes With: Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center


    Today we're introducing you to the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center. Since 1976, the BOEC has helped both kids and adults learn how to ski, as well as explore the great outdoors during the summer. 

    We spoke with the BOEC's finance director, Kristen Bennett, about this awesome organization that's based out of the beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado. 

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    10 Interesting Facts About The Denver Polo Classic Presented by Schomp BMW


    The 2015 Denver Polo Classic presented by Schomp BMW is only a couple weeks away on June 26-28. The big event, featuring three unique days of fun, will take place at the Polo Reserve in Littleton where blue skies and the big white tent await the 1,000s of guests. 

    If you've never been to the Denver Polo Classic presenting by Schomp BMW, or you don't know much about it, we've put together a list of 10 interesting facts about this charity polo competition that is fun for the whole family. 

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    Throwback Thursday: 8 of the Most Vibrant BMWs of All Time


    When you think of a BMW, luxury, speed and reliability might come to mind. But a trend that has been present throughout the decades of BMW is color. Nowadays we have the Marina Blue color and Fire Orange, but there are some amazing custom and vintage colors that give BMW that much more of a personality. 

    Check out some of the most colorful and vibrant BMWs from the early 1900s until now. 

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    5 Minutes With: Metro Denver Partners

    Last week, Schomp BMW started the "5 Minutes With" series where we introduce you to local charities doing amazing things in the Colorado community. The Denver Active 20-30 Children's Foundation hosts events like the Schomp BMW Denver Polo Classic and the Barn Party to donate funds and support for these charities. 

    Today, we're introducing you to the Metro Denver Partners, which is also known as the Denver Youth Program. We spoke to its executive director, Maryann Burdick, to learn about this charity's work throughout Denver. 

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    Schomp BMW Life: Cool Partner Cars Part I


    Over the past few years, Schomp BMW has partnered with some awesome companies to take part in some of the most entertaining, celebratory and fun events throughout Colorado. 

    Companies that Schomp BMW has partnered with support an active lifestyle, local charities, luxurious living and more. Take a glimpse a some of the coolest partner cars we’ve worked with in the past and are still partnering with! 

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    Throwback Thursday: 5 BMW Convertibles


    Some of the most interesting BMWs were convertibles. Even in the early 1900s, BMW offered different models that made the middle class feel like movie stars. And today, there are BMW convertible models for every budget, too. 

    On this throwback Thursday, we're looking back at some of the most charming convertible BMW models. 
    Which one is your favorite? 

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    5 Minutes With: Reach Out and Read Colorado

    With the Schomp BMW Denver Polo Classic coming up on June 26-28, we're focusing in on a huge factor of this huge three-day event: the Denver Active 20-30. This organization puts on the Schomp BMW Denver Polo Classic every year, and is the biggest charitable polo tournament in the United States. 

    Schomp BMW recently caught with numerous charities that the Denver Active 20-30 Foundation donates to, to talk about where the money is going to, what the purpose of the charity is, and how we can help. Learn about Reach Out and Read Colorado here. 

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    The BMW i3 Is Green…but Most of All, It’s FUN!

    You know that little bubble of laughter that escapes you when you're simultaneously surprised and delighted? That's what happens when you drive the BMW i3 for the first time. As you put your foot on the accelerator and the car moved forward without a sound it was startling and when you take your foot off the accelerator and the i3 rapidly begins decelerating to a stop, the laughter escapes your throat.

    Driving the…

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