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    AutoGuide.com Misses the BMW M3 Turbocharged V8

    If you're as excited by impressive engines as we are at Schomp BMW, chances are you're also mourning the loss of the V8 engine in the BMW M3 models. Current models in the series still feature a powerful V6, but that didn't stop AutoGuide.com from listing the award-winning turbocharge V8 on its list of "10 Great Performance Engines We Will Miss." Read the full article in the link below!

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    Schomp BMW Contest - Win Tickets to Denver Fashion Weekend

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    Denver Fashion Weekend, presented by Schomp Automotive, is kicking off next week and we want you to be there! Taking place on November 11-15, DFW is Colorado and the Midwest’s biggest fashion event that showcases artistic hair and makeup, along with the season’s hottest trends from local and national boutiques and designers. 

    This Sunday, November 8, Schomp BMW will be driving around downtown Denver in the wrapped DFW Bimmer. All you have to do to win is be the first to find us at each location. Learn more here.

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    2016 BMW 7 Series Launch Event - Recap and Reviews

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    The car that everyone has been talking about for the last few months has finally arrived. The 2016 BMW 7 Series is now available to purchase at Schomp BMW. Luxury meets technologically advanced features in this sedan that is lighter than before, has comfortable seating no matter where you are in the car, and even assists with parking.

    Learn more about the BMW 7 Series launch event and see some reviews from the guests themselves. 

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    3 of Denver's Top Adult Halloween Events

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    On Saturday, kids will be going door-to-door looking for candy and showing off their Halloween costumes. But this night doesn't have to be only for kids. 

    This Halloween, head out of the house and celebrate this dark holiday in style. You won't have to go from bar to bar downtown, but you should enjoy yourself at one of these stellar parties happening in downtown Denver. 

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    7 Special Features of the BMW 7 Series

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    The 2016 BMW 7 Series offers a brand-new innovative design that offers spectacular views both inside and out, incredible performance and specialized details that come standard. The new 7 Series offers an experience every time you're behind the wheel of it, as its now one of BMW's finest luxury models. 

    If you're still learning about the BMW 7 Series, there are several features that you should be aware of. Not only is this luxury vehicle good looking, it offers comfort, power and practically every feature that stands out from the pack. 

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    Schomp BMW Female Driver Photos - Our Top 5 Picks

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    If there was ever a stigma that BMWs were more geared toward men, that's long gone. Women love BMW. From the rugged X Series to a sporty M Performance BMW, there's a huge female BMW following out there. 

    A couple of weeks ago, Schomp BMW asked its female BMW drivers to post a photo of their BMW. Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo! Today, we're highlighting a few of our favorites. 

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    10 Million Sold: The Unbeatable Popularity of BMW 3 Series

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    BMW is one of the world’'s top selling cars. It's not hard to imagine that there have been millions of BMWs driven on the streets. But just how many? 

    On September 9, 2015, BMW Group announced that it sold its 10-millionth BMW 3 Series car at the BMW Welt in Germany. What's even more fun, is the owner of the new BMW 3 Series didn't even know he was in for a surprise. 

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    What Makes an Icon: The Design of the BMW 3 Series

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    Not every car gets to claim the title of the "world's first sport sedan." The BMW 3 Series is a force to be reckoned with, as it was indeed the first of its kind, not to mention being the most popular in its class. 

    The BMW 3 series comes in three different models: Sedan, Sports Wagon and Gran Turismo. There's truly something for everyone in the 3 Series, whether you want something for the city, something for driving to the mountains, or something that has incredible taste and luxury - each of the 3 Series models embody all of…

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