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    “Luxury and Affordability Go Hand in Hand” with BMW 3 Series

    As Kiplinger's, the financial research and advice organization, notes, "The words affordable and luxury rarely go hand in hand, but you may not have to pay a lot more for a luxury car than for a mainstream model." Not surprisingly, the 2015 BMW 3 Series Sedan is one of their top choices of a luxury car that is also affordable.

    "The archetype of sports sedans and a Kiplinger's Best in Class winner for...

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    Throwback Thursday: The Iconic BMW 2002


    When looking back at BMWs that changed the history of this iconic car brand forever, the BMW 2002 is one of the most popular vehicles of the 1960s and 1970s. Some would even call the BMW 2002 the start of the "pow" that BMW brings to the table today. 

    Learn a few facts about the BMW 2002 and get a glimpse of a few of our favorite photos of this infamous car. 

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    BMW i Series: Summer's Best Moments with the BMW i3


    Since the BMW i3 arrived at the Schomp BMW dealership late spring, we've been turning heads by appearing at some stellar events throughout Colorado this summer. The modern, futuristic design of the BMW i3 attacks attention and people can't wait to get behind the driver's seat to explore the interior, as well as get a feel for how it drives. 

    Here are a few of our favorite moments with the BMW i3 so far. 

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    The M Series: the Performance Branch of BMW

    While every single model contained in the BMW new model lineup is highly tuned to provide the utmost in performance, the M Series amps up the horse power, the performance features, and the capabilities of our already amazing models. Let's take a look.

    Whether you are in the market for a convertible, coupe, sedan, or the supremely unique X6 M model, the M Series has something for you. And each one features upgraded hardware…

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    Futuristic Fashion: 4 Cool High-Tech Accessories that are Useful


    With the Apple Watch being teased around the globe, high-tech fashion is becoming more and more popular, while only some of it is actually useful. In the age of having practically every gadget available, it's important to know how these products work and what their capabilities are. 

    The BMW driver craves the latest trends in technology. From the newest smartphone to clever ways to charge it, the BMW driver likes to be updated on?
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    Don’t Try this Yourself – But Enjoy Watching!

    In the fine print that flashes quickly on the bottom of your TV screen during automobile commercials is this disclaimer: "Do Not Attempt. Professional driver on a closed course." But we can dream of trying this anyway.

    BMW's first M4 was put through some pretty amazing paces recently. It was a closed course lined with past and present BMW M vehicles that had been loaned by BMW enthusiasts. There were 49 cars, including four…

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    BMW i Series: Schomp BMW's Highlights with the All-New BMW i8

    The all-new BMW i8 arrived at Schomp a couple of months ago with its curvy exterior, intricate interior, and head-turning technology. Schomp BMW drove the BMW i8 around town at several summer events and this incredibly sexy electric vehicle became the talk of the town. If you missed the i8 at any of our events, you're in luck because we captured these beautiful moments for you. 

    Here are a few of our favorite moments with the i8. 
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    BMW Drive: Head to Palisade for the Colorado Mountain Winefest


    Next weekend, fill your gas tank and pack the BMW full of snacks because you're heading to the beautiful town of Palisade for an event that concentrates on local wine, perfectly paired meals, grape stomping, and full festival activities: the 23rd annual Colorado Mountain Winefest. 

    Here's the complete guide to a weekend full of wine, deliciously fresh cuisine, and the beautiful town of Palisade, Colorado. 
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    2014 BMW Championship: 5 Highlights From Last Week's Tournament

    The 2014 BMW Championship at the Cherry Hills Country Club offered thousands the chance to see their favorite golfers take the course and compete for the big trophy. The weather was beautiful throughout the week/weekend and the players brought their A-game. 

    If you weren't able to catch the Championship this year, Schomp BMW was at the big event to bring you photos and highlights. Here's what you missed. 

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