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    BMW Genius Social Hour: Your Questions About the BMW i8 Answered

    Schomp BMW has a secret weapon when it comes to knowing to all about BMW: our BMW Genius, Matt Rebeck. Rebeck attends most every event, including the launch, the Schomp BMW Denver Polo Classic and the Union Station's Great Hall Gala, to provide interesting facts and answer questions about our BMWs. 

    Last night on our Facebook page, Rebeck hosted a social hour where he answered questions, all dedicated to the BMW i8. Click to find out more! 

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    BMW Video Takes M4 to the Edge

    The argument rages in the blogosphere about whether a recent BMW YouTube video ? BMW M4 "Ultimate Race Track" is real or not. But...really...how much difference does it make? It's an amazingly thrilling 1:16 minutes, and it really showcases the M4 as an awesome automobile.

    The video shows the M4 racing around on a track. It appears to be just an ordinary track until the camera pulls out to a bird's-eye…

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    24th-Annual Children's Hospital Sale Interview with CH Colorado


    The 24th-annual Children's Hospital Sale is back this week, which runs Monday until Saturday, July 19th at all three locations: Schomp MINI, Schomp Honda and Schomp BMW. This yearly event offers new and pre-owned vehicles that will generate funds to provide equipment needed to treat kids suffering from devastating burn injuries. 

    Learn how you can help with our blog. 

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    Denver's Union Station Great Hall Gala: What to Wear

    Yesterday we told you about Denver's Union Station, which officially opens this month. To celebrate the re-opening of they iconic Denver staple, several events will be taking place throughout the month to build up excitement in time for the official launch on July 26th. 

    The Great Hall Gala tomorrow night will be a celebration with exception food tastings from some of the restaurants that have moved into Union Station, as well as live music and the opportunity to see this project that has been in the works since 2012. 

    Click here to get some fashion inspiration!

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    BMW Date Night: Romantic Dining in Larimer Square

    All photos by Roman Tafoya

    Schomp BMW loves getting out and exploring beautiful downtown Denver. A couple of weeks ago, we decided that the all-new BMW i8 needed to have some city air run over its exterior, so we headed out and parked it right in the heart of the city, on Larimer Square. 

    Those walking by couldn't help but get a glimpse, and the people on the patios were a bit distracted to…
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