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    The Ultimate Gift: Schomp BMW to Help Present New BMW for Christmas


    With the arrival of Thanksgiving, it's time to get serious about your Christmas shopping. 

    It may be Black Friday season, but why not get creative this year and get your loved one a gift they will never forget? Schomp BMW is excited to announce that we are here to help when it comes to Christmas shopping for everyone on your list. And the gift that we know will keep on giving is a brand-new BMW. 

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    The Schomp BMW Women's Guide to Black Friday


    The holidays are right around the corner and whether you're looking forward to it or not, so is Black Friday. The most infamous day of the year for shopping deals, Black Friday is an American tradition for waiting in lines early, sometimes even starting on Thanksgiving Day or before, to grab incredible deals inside stores all day long. 

    Ladies, consider this your guide to knowing where to shop, what time these places open, and?
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    The Ultimate Driving Performance, Paired to Song

    When we last checked in, the team here at Schomp BMW was singing the praises of the innovative i3 electric car. With caroling season in fully swing, the singing has continued. This time we're excited about BMW's newly announced integration partnership with the music streaming service Spotify.

    The deal will implement Spotify technology into all future BMW models ConnectDrive technology featured in the video spot below.

    Whether your taste is heavy metal or…

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    The Schomp BMW Men's Guide to Winter


    With every season comes new events, recent openings around town, and new seasonal wardrobe changes. But if you're having trouble with finding seasonal additions to your wardrobe or repertoire of places around town that won't bore you, you're not alone and we're here to help. 

    From where to shop this season to where to get the best whiskey in town, Schomp BMW has a few connections that we think you should know about. Consider us your go-to when it comes to trends, the hottest new bars, and the city's best events. 

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    Denver Art Museum to Open World-Exclusive Cartier Jewelry Exhibit Starting Nov. 16


    Since the 1970s, the Denver Art Museum has curated a cultural experience behind its doors, offering not only those who live in Denver a contemporary look at art but the entire world. 

    A new exhibit, that is a world-exclusive, is about to open its doors to the public. Get a glimpse of what to expect at the DAM's newest phenomenal exhibit, "Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century."
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    Schomp BMW Throwback Thursday: The Z Series


    When you hear the term "dream car," what comes to mind? The all-new BMW i8 might be one of the first, but the BMW Z series is a dream car that combines luxury and sex appeal, along with practicality. 

    For about 25 years BMW has been delivering the Z series with its curves, small but adequate body, and performance. Go back in time on this Throwback Thursday and see how the Z series came about. 

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    BMW i3: The Schomp BMW Two-Day Test Drive Experience


    If you haven't driven the all-new BMW i3 yet, you're missing out on a luxurious, sustainable experience. But now's your chance to not only drive it around the block, but take it home for two days. 

    Schomp BMW is offering a two-day test drive on all BMW i3 models. Take the car home, get a feel for its features, and fall in love with this modern, economical vehicle. Click here for more information. 

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    Schomp BMW Introduces its Diagnostic Team


    About three months ago, Schomp BMW put together a team of hard-working mechanics to run a brand-new addition to the dealership: a diagnostic team. What sets this team a part from any other mechanical team inside the maintenance center at Schomp is that they're the guys who fix problems that take time figuring out.

    Find out more about what the diagnostic team does, straight from Schomp's own, Chad Tipton. 

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    BRAlapalooza Presented by Schomp Automotive: Event Recap


    On Saturday, October 4, the 2nd-annual BRAlapalooza event presented by Schomp Automotive was held at Cherry Hills Country Club to benefit Free The Girls. The mission of the event was to raise money to help give sustainable employment opportunities to women and girls rescued from sex trafficking in developing countries throughout the world. 

    See how much was raised for Free the Girls and see event highlights here. 

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    Throwback Thursday: BMW 3 Series


    When you think about BMWs from the late 1900s to now, what's the first series that comes to mind that you think has changed in style more than any other? Throughout the decades, every series of BMW has grown up and transitioned into something for modern day culture, but the BMW 3 series could be recognized as the most transformational. 

    Click to read about when the 3 series got its start and how it has changed over the past 39 years. 
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