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    BMW Private Collector: The Man Behind One of the Biggest BMW Collections

    For every BMW owner, there's something special about getting our car clean, taking it in for service, and even purchasing a different model. In a way, we're all BMW collectors because we love the brand and will always have some sort of love for it. 

    But one man is a collector like none other. With a private collection of over 45 classic BMWs - possibly larger than any one person in the world - he's living out all of our dreams by owning dozens of BMWs. See his story here. 

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    BMW Life: 10 Awesome BMW Race Cars


    Since the 1930s, BMWs have been seen on numerous race courses throughout the world. Going against other companies like Audi, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan, BMW has no doubt been a fierce contender and has taken home the prize several times. 

    For over 75 years, BMW has been a leader on the streets as well as around the track. Take a look at some of BMW's best moments in the race car world. 

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    BMW Life: 6 Beautiful BMW Interiors


    The BMW's interior is in a different class than most other vehicles. It's sporty and luxurious, detailed and specific, and offers convenience to every BMW driver. Plus, every interior is different, depending on series and model, making every BMW unique. 

    So for those who are?t familiar with the BMW's interior, or even if you know it well but love seeing it in action, we're showing off 6 BMW interiors that will give the BMW brand that much more appeal. 

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    Fun new BMW X5 ad shows off its spaciousness

    A little extra interior space always helps with the day to day responsibilities, especially when the entire family is around. And the BMW X5 is one model that provides excellent interior space, as well as top notch performance and features. And the fun new ad on the model does a great job of showing all that.

    Isn't that funny? And beyond the three rows of seating, there's even more to love on the…

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    Sportiness meets capability on the stylish BMW X3

    A fun new ad from our automaker touting the BMW X3 does a great job of highlighting both its ample technology, and its classic capability. See what we mean, below.

    Indeed, the X3 is the perfect escape vehicle. The exterior design has been updated for this year, with a wide front bumper and large air inlets on the front end give the model a powerful presence. And on the interior, beautiful materials juxtapose themselves perfectly…

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    Schomp BMW is Offering $1,000 Reasons to Come Test-Drive a BMW


    On Friday, April 17th, Schomp BMW is hosting the BMW xDrive Experience at its dealership in Highlands Ranch. Not only do you have the opportunity to test-drive an all-new BMW xDrive vehicle, you can get $1,000 credit toward the purchase or lease of a new BMW. 

    In order to take advantage of this amazing deal and the BMW xDrive Experience event, all you have to do is register HERE. Then come down to the dealership on Friday and have fun experiencing one of the many BMW xDrive vehicles! 

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    BMW Life: What Does Your BMW X Series Say About You?


    The BMW X Series: powerful, luxurious and taking you anywhere you need to go. Yesterday we told you about where you just have to drive your BMW X Series this spring and summer. Places included a drive-through wildlife park, a place where you can see fossils, and also a drive in Colorado you might not have heard about. View these trips HERE

    Now that we've established where to drive your BMW, what exactly does your BMW X Series say about you? 

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    Throwback Thursday: The BMW 7 Series From 1977 to Now


    When it comes to BMW, this luxury brand of vehicles currently offers 10 different series of cars. Unlike some other car manufacturers, each of BMW's series offer something different. From price, power, gas mileage and beyond, you can find the perfect BMW for your lifestyle's needs. 

    Today, we're looking at the BMW 7 series from the very beginning until now. Get to the know the 7 Series from when it began in 1977, to the current 7 Series models today. 

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    BMW News: 10 Rumored Facts of the Upcoming BMW M2


    Whenever a new BMW is set to be released, it's always exciting learning about what it'll offer in terms of body style, power and how it'll differ from other models. Starting around last Christmas, rumors were flowing about the BMW M2. There haven't been official release dates, ads or anything for this new M Series model, but there has been a lot of talk. 

    If you're as excited about the mysterious BMW M2 as us, check out these rumored specs about this new Bimmer. 

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    Schomp BMW Compares BMW i3 to Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet and Tesla


    Since the release of the BMW i3 last year, more and more cars are being compared to this all-electric, environmentally-friendly vehicle. 

    So today, we thought we'd put those comparisons to the test. If you're contemplating an electric vehicle, there are a few factors that are super important like torque, horsepower, maintenance costs and driving range. Take a look at the BMW i3, compared with four of today's other most talked about electric vehicles. 

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