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    Schomp BMW Introduces its Diagnostic Team


    About three months ago, Schomp BMW put together a team of hard-working mechanics to run a brand-new addition to the dealership: a diagnostic team. What sets this team a part from any other mechanical team inside the maintenance center at Schomp is that they're the guys who fix problems that take time figuring out.

    Find out more about what the diagnostic team does, straight from Schomp's own, Chad Tipton. 

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    BRAlapalooza Presented by Schomp Automotive: Event Recap


    On Saturday, October 4, the 2nd-annual BRAlapalooza event presented by Schomp Automotive was held at Cherry Hills Country Club to benefit Free The Girls. The mission of the event was to raise money to help give sustainable employment opportunities to women and girls rescued from sex trafficking in developing countries throughout the world. 

    See how much was raised for Free the Girls and see event highlights here. 

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    Throwback Thursday: BMW 3 Series


    When you think about BMWs from the late 1900s to now, what's the first series that comes to mind that you think has changed in style more than any other? Throughout the decades, every series of BMW has grown up and transitioned into something for modern day culture, but the BMW 3 series could be recognized as the most transformational. 

    Click to read about when the 3 series got its start and how it has changed over the past 39 years. 
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    5 of BMW's Sexiest Red Models


    Even though we know that anything with the BMW emblem is hot, we're specifically focusing on red BMWs today. They come in all different shapes and sizes, price points, and years. But add in a little red and we've created a collection of BMWs worthy of checking out. 

    View our favorite red BMWs here. 

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    Stunning, Standard Features in the 2015 BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe

    Handsome, head-turning design.  A dazzling drivetrain.  Awesome, on-board amenities.  And, all-new.  Does it get much better than the recently-released 2015 BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe?  We at Schomp BMW are not sure it does; this is one seriously slick sports car that seemingly does it all.  Take a peek at it in the clip below to better understand our effusive enthusiasm:

    There are two models for the 4-Series Gran Coupe - the 428i and the 435i - both?

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    Schomp BMW, The Ritz-Carlton Denver's Official Courtesy Car Sponsor


    For the past year, The Ritz-Carlton Denver and Schomp BMW have partnered up to give guests staying at the luxury hotel a great experience while they're in the city. Schomp BMW provides The Ritz's official courtesy car, which is a 740li with x-Drive. 

    To learn a little about why The Ritz-Carlton wanted to work with Schomp for its courtesy car, we spoke with The Ritz-Carlton's Communications Manager, Allyson Fredeen. See the interview and learn a little about the car HERE. 

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    KompetitiveEdge: Season Highlights and Photos


    "Our partnership grows stronger as we market together in order to continue to grow both brands"

    About a year and a half ago, Schomp BMW partnered up with local company, KompetitiveEdge by becoming its official tech support car at triathlons and events all over Colorado. KE drives a Schomp BMW X5 to these events and provides support on the course, as well as before and after each event.

    Click to see this season's highlights and photos!

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    BMW Performance Center coming to La Quinta, California

    There's learning how to drive?and there's learning how to drive like the professionals do. That's where BMW Performance School comes in. BMW has had a driving school for several years at its Spartanburg, South Carolina facility and now those of us who live in the West are getting one, too. BMW has announced that BMW Performance Center West will open later this year near Palm Springs, California.

    BMW Performance Center West?

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    BMW X Series: 3 Models Perfect for the Colorado Winter


    The BMW X series is the perfect Colorado car. Not only is its sleek and curvy design appealing, it can take you practically anywhere you want to go. The X Series is powerful, yet it is smooth and luxurious. It doesn't feel like a truck, like most SUVs do, and it embodies BMW's elegance throughout its interior. 

    If you haven?t sat behind the wheel of an X series model, we think you'll be impressed. Take a look at a few key features of the X series and why it's the perfect Colorado BMW. 

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    Electric Future: BMW i8 Features Found in Other BMW Models


    Since arriving at Schomp BMW this spring, the all-new BMW i8 has definitely made its way around Colorado at some of the most elegant events including the Schomp BMW Denver Polo Classic. The i8 turns heads while gliding down the street, and it sparks curiosity in practically everyone it makes eye contact with. This powerful machine is quick on its feet, although light and electric.

    But several of the BMW i8?s features can be found sprinkled throughout the lot at Schomp BMW. Don?t believe us? Our leading Schomp BMW Genius, Matt Rebeck told us all about these features…
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