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2013 BMW M5

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The New 2013 BMW M5: NOW at Schomp BMW in Denver!

BMW opens a new dimension in performance, power and luxury with the 4.4 liter, 560-hp M TwinPower Turbo M5, available now at Schomp BMW.

It's Powerful - Like the sound of zero-to-60 mph in 3.7 seconds? How 'bout a quarter mile in 12 seconds, as reported in Car & Driver's initial review? We thought so. The 2013 BMW M5 is the perfect, uncompromising marriage of racetrack-ready high performance and street-safe luxury sedan. It's Efficient - The 2013 M5's high-rev eight-cylinder M TwinPower Turbo with Valvetronic throttle-less intake technology, High Precision Injection and twin-scroll turbocharging technologies provide better performance with less consumption, meaning fewer carbon emissions. The seven-speed M Double-Clutch Transmission provides maximum control and precision. Brake Energy Regeneration captures kinetic energy generated by the brakes and stores it in the battery for later use, also lowering emissions. And the Auto Start-Stop Function saves gas and emissions by turning off the engine when the M5 isn't moving.

It's Safe - Two front-suspension strut towers connect to the chassis buy aluminum suspension cross-brace stiffening the front of the car and increasing stability and steering precision. That's combined with the precision M compound disc braking system that eliminates fading. The 2013 BMW M5's Active M Differential gives better traction and stability even on slippery and uneven surfaces. The M Servotronic Power Steering dynamically adapts steering to speed, whether taking a curve at top speed or parking.

It's Flexible - The driver can use M Drive buttons to set the "mood" of the car, adjusting engine and throttle, steering, suspension and display. You choose your driving style and the M5 adjusts - as many as 125 different configurations. 

It's Luxurious ... and Sensual - The 2013 BMW M5 is where form meets function, pulchritude meets performance. The athletic exterior is sculpted to be aerodynamically and sensually superior. From the tapered front that effortlessly cuts the atmosphere to curved M mirrors, rear spoiler, diffuser and twin double tailpipes, the M5's BMW racing heritage is apparent. The interior is the perfect marriage of sports car with luxury sedan. M seats keep driver and up to four passengers comfortably secure with molded side support. As a sedan, the M5 is more spacious than a sports car, but the rough Nappa leather steering wheel and M-color stitched leather upholstery echo its racing roots. It's You - Leather upholstery, doorsill finishes in aluminum or polished dark ash provide the air of sedan luxury BMW is known for. Choose from eight exterior colors including the M's signature Monte Carlo Blue. Standard Merino leather upholstery colors are Black, Silverstone and Sakhir Orange. The M5 also offers a level of customization never before available with "BMW Individual." Design your own unique combination of exclusive exterior and interior colors and finishes.

The 2013 BMW M5 unquestionably earns its title as The Ultimate Driving Machine. Make an appointment now to feast your senses by test-driving one at Schomp BMW  in Highlands Ranch. In the meantime, take a virtual test-drive with MotorTrend's Carlos Lago .

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2013 BMW M5 - With its new top sedan, the M division continues to tip its own sacred cows.

( - Practically every automaker has an R or a GT or a V or an S or a Spec-Something-or-Other sexing up its catalog. But nobody commits to the job with the fervor of BMW's M division GmbH. Granted, the gulf between track and street that opened up years ago means that BMW's speed shop no longer puts motorsport specials on the road with detuned race engines. But that doesn't mean new M's are nothing more than Big Macs with barbecue sauce.

Okay, maybe the 1-series M sort of is.

But take the example of the new 560-hp "M TwinPower Turbo" M5 - Bimmer-nerd code: F10 - that goes on sale in the U.S. late next summer as a 2013 model.

In the F10 M5, you get: a unique engine; a unique, reinforced and re-ratio'd, seven-speed dual-clutch transmission; and a unique, electronic limited-slip differential with a unique aluminum horse-collar mount for added rigidity. There's a unique suspension with forged aluminum components and nary a part number shared with any other BMW; a unique variable-ratio steering gear with hydraulic instead of electric boost as in other 5s; unique, iron-and-aluminum brake rotors clamped by unique radial-mount, monoblock front calipers housing six asymmetrically sized pistons per wheel; and a unique front crossmember, stiffened and attached by two additional bolts because somebody thought that was important. A unique rear-suspension cradle is rigidly mounted to the unibody to eliminate the weight and flex of rubber bushings, unique stiffening rods and shear plates underneath serve as extra bracing, and the car runs enough special software to land it on an asteroid.

You may scoff upon learning the M5's price, expected to fall near $92,000. To that prodigious sum we say: How can BMW possibly sell a couple thousand copies per year so cheaply? What does the dedicated tooling cost, anyway? How much is it to change 10 things about an engine, including the induction system and compression ratio, and then recertify it? It's a lot of Big Macs. Maybe not as many Big Macs as creating a bespoke V-10, as in the previous E60, but a lot.

The new M5 will assuredly be profitable. But whether it is spectacular or merely great?many people would put a 4300-pound luxury sedan that hits 60 mph in 3.7 seconds firmly in the former category?it's definitely no parts-bin badge job.

Speaking of acceleration numbers, we have them, stolen on a quiet side road in southern Spain while nobody was looking except some ducks and possibly a Chinese spy satellite. It took a while to master the new M5's picayune order of button pushing and lever pulling to activate the launch control (example: Step on the brake but not too hard, hold the shift lever forward but not for too long).

Launch control automatically dumps the clutch at about 3000 rpm and upshifts for you. When we finally did it right, the quarter-mile went down in 12 seconds flat at 122 mph. In another 6.3 seconds, the car was passing 150 mph. It pulls nearly 1.0 g braking from 70 to 0 in 165 feet. A skidpad figure will have to wait until we can get a car to test in the U.S.


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